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How I Styled 1 Anarkali in 3 Different Ways this Wedding Season

13 Jan 1 Anarkali Styled 3 different ways to wear to weddings

Indian wear is expensive. Or should I be saying, my tastes are expensive? Either way, most anarkalis I love don’t start below Rs.15,000 (at minimum!) and just a set of unstitched suit fabric in raw silk costs Rs.8,000. Of course, I still go on a manic hunt every time to find something more reasonable, but the fact no one can deny is - ethnic clothes cost a helluva lot these days! Which is why, when you have bought something, you want to get all the use out of it you possibly can.

I have one anarkali in my wardrobe that I love so much, I wore it to 4 different wedding events last winter. But when you’re wearing the same outfit over and over again, you want to style it differently each time, however slightly, so that it doesn’t look the exact same over and over again. Continue reading

A Shadow Box Wedding Invite | Shonan & Adesh

6 Apr

A Shadowbox Wedding Invite Shonan & Adesh | thedelhibride Indian weddings blog

I was in Mumbai this December for a wedding, when I visited a family friend of mine at her Peddar Road home. As the evening sun spilled through the glass windows and made its way across the marble tiles, we sat down with tea and home made chocolates for a long overdue catch up session. A beautiful box on the dining table caught my eye, and as I picked it up I realised it was an invite to the wedding of an old classmate of mine. While I have lost touch with most of my junior school friends, I never lose a chance to hear an update about their current whereabouts and new lives. There’s something special about an old classmate, isn’t there? You might barely know each other anymore, but you’ll always remember them fondly. Nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses walk hand in hand it seems.

Continue reading

Top 10 Looks from Madhuri Dixit’s Trousseau

24 Sep

Top 10 from Madhuri Dixit Nene Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa season 6 outfits

Do you watch Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa? I generally don’t, but this is one of the many side-effects of being hitched (and I’m learning, there are many!) Post-wedding, the breadth of TV shows and channels that are permissible on your Favourites button (if you have Tata Sky) will suddenly increase.

Colors TV is the newest channel I have taken a half-forced half-voluntary liking to, and if there’s one thing that didn’t disappoint was the beautiful Indian wear! If you’ve seen Jhalak this season (they aired their last episode recently), you must’ve noticed Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s gorgeous clothes. She’s a judge on the show, and has worn some seriously trousseau worthy outfits that I’ve loved. Here are my Continue reading

Niki Mahajan Couture Show

20 Sep

There’s so much catching up to do! Life’s been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks, but don’t worry - I’ve been busy with all things wedding-related! You could call it “field work” :)

So many fashion shows have come and gone, and while I will talk about some more over the next few weeks, I’m starting off with a very recent one which caught my eye. The Niki Mahajan fashion show, which was SO right for the Indian bride in so many ways!

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of this particular designer before MissMalini spoke of attending her show. Once I saw a few pictures, I knew I had to share it with you. Some of them are too good to miss!

If I could describe the collection in two words, I’d say it was - very ornate. Very bridal! Continue reading

Best Wedding Lehengas of 2012

27 Aug

best wedding lehengas of 2012

I spent a lot of time last year combing through picture after picture of wedding lehengas online. I was looking for some inspiration for my own wedding. Some of the questions on my mind then were - what lehenga should I wear? What should the colours be? What are the styles available?

I carefully put together pictures of all the lehengas I loved Continue reading

Wedding Wardrobe: Anuja

9 Aug

thedelhibride Wedding Wardrobe Anuja

I watched “Connected” recently, a wedding video trailer by the very talented videographers - The Wedding Filmer. Their videos usually take me on a fantasy trip where every scene is filled with love & happiness. This time though, it wasn’t just the love that made me sit up & take notice. What caught my eye was the bride’s beautiful outfits! I only caught a glimpse of them in the video, and I knew I wanted more. So off I went and contacted Anuja, the bride, who was more than happy to share all the details (and photos!) about her wedding wardrobe with us, along with a very important lesson she learnt along the way - “Don’t go shopping with someone who loves you too much!” Wondering what that means? Read on, girls!

Continue reading

Inspiration: A Kitsch Wedding Card!

17 Jul
Kitsch wedding invite envelope colourful

Have you ever seen an Indian wedding card like this?

Those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram will know that I attended a wedding last week. It was the wedding of a very special friend of mine - Vidhi. I’ve known her since my college days, and she’s one of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. When I entered my first year of college, I also began my stay in a hostel for the first time in my life. Vidhi was 2 years my senior, and she’s solely responsible for making me feel comfortable and helping me adjust to hostel life. She gave me all the insider’s tips I needed to survive there, and was always there when I needed a helping hand. I remember her room very clearly - it was the only room in the whole hostel that felt like home to me. She’d done it up so well - colourful & pretty - it exuded warmth, just the way Vidhi did. She’s a burst of sunshine in any room she walks into, one of those happy people who make your day happy just by spending a few minutes with them! When she told me she was getting married, I couldn’t wait to see what her wedding had in store!

The first thing that landed in my inbox was the Save The Date and a link to her wedding website. It was so fun and different, I loved it! Soon after, I saw her wedding card - and it was hands-down the most unique card I’d ever seen. Continue reading

Vendor Review: “Elements” Decorator

27 Jun

Remember the pretty bride, Sahiba, who shared pictures and details of her gorgeous wedding outfits with us recently? If you hadn’t noticed already, the decor at her wedding was equally fabulous. I got you plenty of pictures of the decor from all her functions, and also managed to get Sahiba to do a quick review of her decorator - Harkrishan Singh of Elements.

“I can’t say enough good things about our decorator! He was so hands on and took care of every litte detail. My mum is into interior design so she’s very picky and he completely blew us away. I showed him things that I liked during his presentations from previous weddings and he really understood our taste and what we were going for each function.”


“For the mehendi, I wanted it to be super colorful and funky so he used churras hanging in the trees and these really vibrant umbrellas for the tables. I told him how I wanted the swing which he made perfectly.” Editor’s note: I am in love with that swing as well! It’s FABULOUS!


“For the Sangeet, since it was outdoors, we wanted lots of candles and lights by the pool and hanging from trees Continue reading

Wedding Wardrobe: Sahiba

25 Jun

Wedding Wardrobe Sahiba trousseau

I first saw pictures of Sahiba & Jitin’s wedding on Photo Tantra’s Facebook page, and couldn’t help but fall in love with the bride! From her natural looking makeup, to classy jewellery and beautiful wedding outfit - she makes for a perfect inspiration for brides to be. I wanted to feature her on my blog and so I got in touch with Photo Tantra and eventually, the bride herself! Sahiba was really sweet and shared plenty of details about her wedding to help out fellow brides. Have a look!

First up – a breakdown of Sahiba’s wedding outfits! Continue reading

Inspiration: Words for A Wedding Card

7 Jun

My parents received a wedding card a few weeks back, and in it was a beautiful poem written by the bride, Garima, and her father. I see a lot of cards with rhyming lines, but most of them fall flat. If you want a few words that will make your wedding card sound as beautiful as it looks, this is an extremely-written verse that you can add.

It’s simply put. Straight forward. No fancy words, yet it touches your heart. Reading it makes me feel more happy than sad, thinking of the daughter leaving her parents. They have welcomed the change that’s about to come in their lives with such open arms, without leaving sight of what’s been left behind. Pretty much perfect, I’d say!

Thank you, Garima and Devesh, for allowing me to share this with other brides. And congratulations to both of you!

Did you put a poem in your wedding card? Did you love these words as much as I did?


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