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Link love to Indian Wedding blogs

7 Jul


Hope you enjoyed reading our very first guest post. If you haven’t read it yet, head over here to get a glimpse of another delhibride’s wedding plans!

I wanted to update you with 3 new blogs I have added to my Daily Dose of All Things Wedding list (on the right hand column of this blog) -

  • littlebrownbride
  • All About Maharashtrian Weddings
  • The Crazy Indian Wedding

All three of them are unique in their own way, but their purpose is the same - to provide inspiration and a little bit of help to all Indian brides in planning their big day!

To wrap up, here are some useful links for weekend browsing for my fellow brides-to-be -

  • Found a great write up on the different ways to keep a dupatta on your head via littlebrownbride
  • Lehenga inspiration via The Crazy Indian Wedding
  • This bride wore a lehenga I am still totally in love with via My Asian Wed
  • Educate yourself on some embroidery styles from India via The Indian Wedding Blog

Happy browsing! :)

Wedding Day Makeup - Trial or No Trial?

19 Jun

I know there are a LOT of salons in Delhi that say “No, you can’t have a makeup trial before your wedding”. To all of them, I say – SCREW YOU!

Unless you have been my MUA on several occasions in the past, I cannot blindly trust you to give me picture-perfect makeup on the most important day of my life.

And no, it’s not my problem if you don’t have the business sense to lose 0.1% of your product stock to gain a new customer. And no, I am not pleased with your lack of concern at making my day go smoothly. I want to prepare in advance so that I can stay stress-free on wedding day. Brides-to-be, it’s your right to have a trial for your makeup, dress, heck, even your hair!

Does your tailor say, I’ll make any minor alterations on the day of your wedding?

Does your caterer say, you’ll taste my food only on wedding day?

Does your photographer say, I’ll show you samples of my work on wedding day?

So then why do MUAs have the right to say, I’ll do the first and final version of makeup on your face only on wedding day?

Of course, you’ll still find plenty that say “No trial” but I urge each and every one of you to not accept those MUAs. It’s your day, your closest family and friends will look at your face all night long, you will look at the photo albums decades after the wedding’s done.

Get that damn trial.

PS. Angry rant inspired after reading a MUA herself recommending a trial for peace of mind on wedding day.

@peahcesnblush to the rescue with Bridal Makeup Basics post

17 Jun

I just HAD to share this post from Peaches&Blush blog with you -

5 Basic Makeup Techniques Every Bride to Be Needs to Know!

P&B owner - Mehak, in my opinion, is one of the best Indian beauty bloggers. She’s getting married this June and has posted a bunch of really helpful posts on all-things-wedding over the last year. Go ahead and check out this post if you are also a fellow bride to be. You will NOT be dissapointed! In case you love it, bookmark the damn link. I know I have!

My first attempt at applying liquid foundation

4 Jun

Remember how I told you my Chambor foundation was almost over in a recent post on my introduction to the world of makeup? Well, I’ve been on the look out for a new foundation to buy. Chambor works perfectly well for me, but considering that I’m getting married this October I thought it would be a good idea to give some other foundations a shot. “What if there’s something *better* out there?”

My mother has the Revlon Touch & Glow foundation, so I thought “might as well try out what’s at home first”. My skin tone matches hers, mostly. So this Saturday I got my hands on it and tried it out.

Ok, quick word about my experience with foundation. I’ve only ever owned ONE - Chambor’s Wet & Dry Brightening foundation. You pick up the product with a wet sponge, and use that sponge to apply it on your face. It’s fairly easy to apply, you just have to remember to blend.

The Revlon Touch & Glow foundation I was about to try was a liquid foundation. Liquid. Now, that scared me. I had no idea how to use it. And no, I was not going to use my fingers. I’m quite sure fingers can’t blend any foundation the way a brush can. Thankfully, mother found this huge set of brushes somebody had gifted to her and it had a big flat dense brush. However, the entire set was gifted to her 2 years back, she never used it and they weren’t exactly MAC quality brushes (laughing at myself for saying this, considering how I’ve never actually owned a MAC brush!).

Anyway, I had the foundation in place. I had a brush in place. But, what’s the technique? So I googled (of course) and here’s what I found: How to Apply Liquid Foundation. It’s a very helpful article, and I followed it to the T (except the applying loose powder part). And yes, the foundation seemed to have blended extremely well. I thought my skin looked pretty darn good, and that’s when I realised - give me any decent foundation and I will be able to apply it! :) Of course, all thanks to this article. It also taught me what stippling is (from the comments section):

“Stippling is dotting a product in a tapping motion over an area (as opposed to buffing {essentially rubbing in circular motions} or patting {which is like stippling, but with a flat-sided brush and a slight bit of drag}) with a flat top brush. All “motion” should be perpendicular to the surface. Stippling creates a pixeled effect: the fine tips of the brush hairs create minuscule dots of product on the skin, and by stippling over an area, you can cover textured surfaces (scars, burns, etc.) evenly and mimic the skin’s natural appearance, as well as eliminating the chance of brush marks. Stippling also allows product to be applied over another product without disturbing it. If this was unclear, stippling is dotting it over the area many multiples of times-not just once or twice-until the product seems to meld into your skin.”

I did face some issues though:

  1. The brush I used was not exactly a stippling brush, which is what is typically used for applying foundation I think. This one was not as soft, so it felt a little pokey and this made it slightly difficult to stipple and buff (another term I learnt through this article!) Lesson learnt: I need to buy a stippling brush
  2. It’s the peak of summer season here in Delhi, so the foundation started to dry off pretty quickly on my hand and on my face. I needed to be quicker, which was difficult since I was doing it for the first time!
  3. After being out for 2 hours, the foundation started to look a little dry - this could be because of the Delhi heat, the not-so-great brush I used or my novice hands.

So if you’re also looking for a good technique to apply liquid foundation using a brush, go check out this article. It’s really great and explains it through easy-to-understand images.

Ideal Makeup for Wedding Day

2 May
Have you heard about Nisha & Jiten’s wedding? If you’ve been following real weddings on any of the wedding websites, chances are you probably have. I have no idea who Nisha & Jiten are, but her wedding lehenga is WOW. And her wedding day makeup - PERFECT. That amount of makeup is EXACTLY what I want. Here’s the link to their wedding video - just check out how lovely her makeup is when they’re sitting at the mandap and she looks at her soon-to-be-hubby and gives him a big grin.

Weekend Reading for the Indian Bride to Be

31 Mar
The weekend is here! And here’s a list of blog posts by Miss Malini - The Domestically Challenged Desi Bride that I’m sure you will have a great time reading through!

Some Latest Scoop

22 Mar
Some useful things I’ve come across recently:
Lehenga Draping Styles for Brides - many, many different styles! Very enlightening to us uneducated to-be-brides :)
Honeymoon Trousseau for the Indian Bride - some silly things, some practical ones…

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