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thedelhibride Asks… should Matha Patti & Nath not be worn by wedding guests?

21 Dec thedelhibride Asks... Is it ok for guests to wear matha patti and nath to a wedding

thedelhibride asks when wedding guests wear bridal jewellery is it appropriate

Recently, someone asked me a question on Twitter -

“Is it appropriate for guests to wear a matha patti or a nath to a wedding?”

- @floralspice

I replied saying, “I don’t think so, unless it’s part of your culture. Although, a really small nath on the bride or groom’s closest family members seems alright. Or the matha patti on the bride/groom’s own sister or bhabhi. But she should hold back on other accessories then. Most “appropriate” jewellery on guests (over & above what is normally worn) would include maang tikka, haath phool, arm bands”

What do you think? I’ve seen more and more women wear jewellery that one would typically associate with the bride.

Do you think it’s appropriate for guests to wear bridal accessories?

More questions answered by thedelhibride Asks.

Featured image courtesy: Morvi Images (one of my favourite wedding photographers!)

UPDATE! I asked this question to my fellow bloggers and wedding industry peeps on Twitter, and on Instagram as well. Here’s what they had to say!

Roli (RGVLove & CrazyIndianWedding): If the guest is going to wear mattapati or nath, then keep everything else minimal. Don’t try to upstage the bride!

Tejasvini Chander (Makeup Artist): Matha patti- yes! Nath- no!

Dimpy Kapur (Delhi Style Blog): I think anything tasteful is appropriate, and yes, they can :)

Aditi (Marathi Weddings): Depends, because Maharashtrian Nath is usually worn by all in weddings. But a heavy Matha patti to someone else’s wedding is big NO for me!

Devika Narain Mathur (Wedding Designer): Guests should be allowed to wear whatever they please. I personally love a wedding where everyone is beautifully dressed.

Devina Malhotra (Guilty Bytes): I don’t think so! All of this is for the bride to adorn. The guests should stick to earrings & maang tikas, unless it’s a custom.

Shreya Kalra (For The Love Of Fashion & Other Things): I honestly think it’s okay so long as it is balancing out the rest of the look. Over the top jewellery just makes the guest look silly in the end.

Abhilasha (Looking Good Feeling Fab): The excess should be balanced out with a minimal look. You’ll find a mangtikka look here. Let me know what you think!

@aulakh_kitty: I don’t think so…it’s a bridal thing…

@rupalmalik: She can wear matha patti

@madhvik14: If they can pull it off, why not? As long as the rest of their jewelry is lighter.

@v3dantjain: Normally, it’s not advisable. But if they want to, then the rest of the outfit has to be very minimalistic.

@swatiladia: Not both definitely. Mathapatti with nothing in the neck.

@rim243: One or the other, but not both together.

@anishadawar: Mathapatti.

@urvashisalaria: Yes yes yes!

@parneetbhasin: Only matha patti.

Wow, that’s a lot of different opinions!

What do you think?

A New York Summer: Part 2 | What It Felt Like To Live Apart From My Husband For 6 Weeks

4 Nov

A New York Summer Part 2 - what it felt like to live apart from my husband for 6 weeks

It’s been well over a year since I returned from my summer course at New York University. I know I had promised you a mini-series about my trip, my course, what I did there and what I recommend. I covered a part of it in the first post of the series last year (A New York Summer: Part 1) and if you’ve read it, you know how terribly I missed my husband while I was away. Little did I know, how terribly he missed me.

This is something I wrote in my third week in New York City.

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thedelhibride asks…Husbands Fasting on Karva Chauth, and MORE!

30 Oct

Does your husband fast with you on Karva Chauth, or Teej, or whichever spouse-related fast you keep?

This is just one of the many questions I’ve been curious about.

I tried my hand at eye makeup for the first time ever! Can you see the pink eyeshadow?

Honestly, I wouldn’t care either way because I don’t actually believe in keeping fasts. I still keep both - Karva Chauth and Teej - but I treat them as festivals to be celebrated with the family. I think I would freak out if I started believing that the fast has any actual power on the health of my husband. Imagine if I get sick on a future Teej or KC! I wouldn’t care about my health, I’d just keep the fast anyway and, well…that would be stupid. I’d rather focus on making sure we eat clean, healthy food all year round and exercise regularly. And get plenty of sleep every night. And stay in a happy, positive state of mind on most days. Yup, definitely a way better and more assured way of making sure my husband stays well.

So, what’s the deal with your husband?

  1. Does he keep the fast with you?
    1. If he does, is he excused from giving you a gift on Karva Chauth?
    2. If he doesn’t, does he have to get you a gift?
  2. I’m also curious about how all the working girls manage the evening puja. Do all of you leave your offices early to rush back home for the puja? Are your managers really ok with it? What about those of you who are entrepreneurs?
  3. Do you get really dressed up on every KC? Or was it just the first?
  4. And finally, what gift have you given your mother-in-law on KC?

I’m just so curious what everyone else is upto! I barely know anyone who keeps these fasts, and would really love to know how you celebrate.

Waiting to hear from you!

So, I’m going to New York

26 May

Not forever.

So breathe.

For 6 weeks. For a summer course in Publishing (why didn’t I think of this earlier?!) at New York University.

So yes, I applied. Statement of purpose et al. Got accepted in April. Applied for my visa (what a pain!). Got my visa (was SO easy, all that stress and drama was completely unnecessary, well, when isn’t it?) And I fly out tomorrow.
*hides behind door ashamed for springing this on blog readers so last minute*

I was supposed to tell you all about this last week, but something happened. My laptop stopped working. And I almost got a mini heart attack. Such bad timing! We got it diagnosed, and then it was in “trying to get repaired” mode. The whole time, I felt like my child is in surgery, and I’m sitting in a hospital’s waiting room! (Anyone else ever felt like this?!)

Good news is - it can be fixed. Bad news - data recovery is still a question mark.

Which sucks, because I had typed out “a couple of posts that might find their way to the blog over the next few weeks”. And now, I can still promise posts - but all about New York and little about weddings. Unless I attend a wedding in New York. Any invitations?

Till my data is recovered, there are a lot of posts that will be postponed by many, many weeks. Lesson: ALWAYS back up, EVERYTHING!

Btw, I’m typing this post on my phone. Can you make out?

Brides, since the course is super intensive, I won’t be able to respond to your queries during this time. And wedding vendors, you’ll have to wait till August to hear back from me.

As for my course, it’s called the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University. And I got pre-program homework assignments to finish before 2nd June (the day my course starts). Ummm…why have I voluntarily signed up for this?!

I will miss you all. I will miss my blog. Not that it won’t constantly stay on my mind. I will miss my husband. My daily routine. I hope I can keep updating you, and reading your reassuring comments to feel connected.

Ok. Enough with the moaning. Now onto brighter, cheer-ier things! (Yes I know that’s not a word. My blog, my wish).

I’m mostly done packing. I got myself vaccinated. I tried learning how to ride a bicycle. And failed miserably. Thanks Aman, for trying to teach me. I’ve learnt how to make a cheese omlette, this mushroom thing my mom makes that I love and…that’s about it. (If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you now know why I’ve suddenly trying my hand at cooking!) Will have to wing it for any other cooking requirements. Or maybe just eat at Pret A Manger every second meal (or every meal!) :p

I can’t tell you how excited I am. I want to do so much once I’m there. I don’t have a list, but I want to see all the places I’ve only ever seen in movies and on my favourite TV shows. I want to buy… STUFF! No idea what’s good in New York that you don’t find here. But just, stuff! You know? Anything in particular I should be buying? And I want to eat! I’ve always been fascinated with what people in other countries eat, and New York is considered a great place for foodies, so I. just. cannot. wait!

See you, very soon. And follow me on Instagram to get daily updates as I make my way around the greatest city in the world! I’m still doing the #365grams project (one picture every day this year).

Stay in touch, please! Don’t know what I will do without all of you! Oh, and my husband ;)

Talk soon!


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