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A Month In The Life Of A Wedding Blogger

23 Sep Anushree Reddy

1 Month. 6 Events. 45 Pictures.

In the last 30 days, we’ve attended a LOT of events. Seen a lot of beautiful wedding clothes, discovered a few new wedding vendors, and even read a book on bridal fitness! There’s no dearth of wedding madness in our life, it seems :) Endless, I tell you. Endless!

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22 Sep

You’ll find a new post on the blog every Wednesday, starting tomorrow.

Just wanted to let you know.

So every week, when Wednesday rolls in and you’re fiddling at work wondering when Friday will get here, you can type and you will have a new post to read, and (hopefully) beautiful wedding pictures to ogle over.

This doesn’t mean we’re publishing just once a week - sometimes there will be a new post to read on Monday and Saturday. But for now, if it’s a Wednesday, I’ve hit Publish for sure.

See you…tomorrow!

I think I will call this part - Acceptance.

16 Jan

Do you guys mind if I talk about some other stuff for a while? For the first time in my life, I’m not feeling it. I always feel like writing, but I’ve ended up in a rather precarious situation. I have too long a list of wedding-related posts I want to write, and that’s where the problem lies. It’s too long. Sounds odd, right? Bloggers out there would kill to always have something to talk about. Why has this been a problem for me? Because it means I’m overwhelmed. Frustrated. And it means I’ve been trying to schedule my writing for months now, which is a really, really big problem. I can’t write on schedule. Occasionally, sure. But a daily schedule – argh. No way. I’ve perpetually been in a state of struggle. I want to lead a disciplined life, want to follow the habits of people I look up to. But give me 3 straight days of the same thing, and I need to change it on the 4th day. How can someone like that become Continue reading

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

1 Jan S6300361

Another year wrapped up. Another calendar given to the kabaadi wala. Another set of resolutions in the bin.

Did I start off on a depressing note? Yes, it’s a new year. A new beginning. But I’ve been sulking lately. Feeling uninspired. I’m pretty sure it has to do with being away from work. I’ve been attending a lot weddings and while attending weddings “feels like work” to me, it’s not my REAL work. What I do is - write.

And when I’m not writing, I’m not happy.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time collecting my thoughts, trying to plan - what do I want 2015 to be like? Continue reading

Best of The Blog: 2013

31 Dec

best of the blog 2013 cover

In December 2012, I left my corporate 9-6 job to take on the role of a full-time blogger.

One year later, I’m still enjoying the baffled looks on people’s faces when I tell them what I do for a living -

“I run a blog”

“A what?”

The older generation needs “blogging” to be defined to them, and the younger ones usually follow it up with “Can you do that for a living? How do you generate revenue?”

If there’s just one thing I’ve learnt this past year and want to share it with you, it’s this -

Anything is possible

You know how everyone asks you what you want to be when you grow up? My most long-standing answer was “Writer. Editor.” But I never knew how to get there. I couldn’t see the path. So I did the one thing I’ve heard over and over again, but never understood what it meant till I actually did it - I took the first step. I took it in December 2012 and slowly but surely, a whole staircase appeared through the course of 2013.

Best Of The Blog

I started the new year with a Prologue to what would turn out to be the most viewed series on the blog, ever - thedelhibells - which has been viewed close to 70,000 times till date! The post about my wedding day is not only the most popular one in this series, but it’s also the 2nd most popular post on the whole blog!

Best of blog 2013 posts

Other posts that made it to the top 5 were -

While these posts were most popular, there are some that were my favourites but didn’t make it to the list. Here they are (a mixed bag from 2012 & 2013)!

Many Firsts

2013 was a year of many, many firsts for me and the blog. I wrote my first guest posts, and got to work with the fabulous teams at IndianRoots and eStylista. I attended my first ever fashion week, and had my first ever Twitter Q&A thanks to Tanishq! I went seriously candid in the Ask Me Anything session on and finally stepped away from the laptop to meet brides in person - for Tanishq’s bridal styling session at their Delhi store, followed by an appearance on the LIVE Virtual Wedding Show this December!

The blog received it’s first mention in a magazine, which was followed by what seemed like a landslide of media mentions! I had to create a whole page dedicated to all the press love we’ve received, and I love flipping through it when I need some motivation to keep going.

And A Lot Of Thanks

But it’s YOU who keeps me going every day. All your emails, messages and comments. Every like on a Facebook post, every re-tweet - you might not know it, but I see all of them, see all of YOU and it makes me fall in love with my job over and over again. I was “trying” the blog thing some time back, but this is my whole life now. There’s no going back. And I don’t wish to anymore.

It’s YOU who has made my dream come true. Your appreciation, your feedback - I truly believe I have the best readers in the world! You don’t hesitate to say what’s on your mind, to ask for everything that you need. Please keep doing whatever it is that you do, it’s what keeps this blog alive!

I can’t end this post without thanking the people in my life who have made this possible. My family - for their endless supply of support, motivation, praise and honestly the biggest gift ever - believing in me when I’ve not believed in myself. To know that they read this blog makes me happy beyond words! While it’s hard to mention what every single family member has done, I do need to say a big thank you to two people specifically - my husband (of course!) for never, ever having even a shadow of a doubt about my ability to run a blog; and my sister - for inspiring me to follow my dream by following hers with such single-minded determination! And to my friends - thanks for never laughing at me for doing what I do. It would be so easy for anyone to belittle the work that I do, but you guys don’t. It might seem like a small thing, but it means a lot to have you try and take it seriously. I say “try” because I’m sure many of you must think “What on Earth is Shinjini doing exactly?!” but you keep that thought aside and instead indulge me in hour long conversations about where to take the blog next.

Finally, it feels so. damn. good. to hear from you when you tell me “Your blog is so popular!” I swear to God, I’m secretly crying with happiness on the inside when you tell me your friends who are brides read the blog, that your 19 year old sister who’s obviously not getting married any time soon is a big fan, and that you bought your wedding lehenga from Om Prakash Jawahar Lal after reading about it here. It’s all very overwhelming and makes me incredibly grateful! I know the stats, I know the numbers - I know the blog has a long way to go and it’s so sweet of you to call it popular, but when you come up to me and tell me that your friends in Mumbai, London, heck, even Colorado are fans of the blog - I feel a level of happiness no “number” can elicit!

Thank you, thank you, thank you - to all of you who read the blog!

Here’s hoping you too take that first step in 2014. Anything, nay, everything is possible.

happy new year 2014

What are your favourite posts from 2013? And what are your plans for 2014?

This One Is For The Blog Readers

27 Dec

2014 is just a few days away, and I’ve been spending my time thinking about my goals for the new year. Some resolutions, yes, but also what I want to do with the blog in 2014. I always have endless ideas for what I should write about, and I’m currently creating a list of all the topics I’d like to cover for the blog in 2014. While I have a 1000 topic ideas (seriously!), I wanted to ask you what you want to read about.

Any specific topics you want me to cover?

Or any broad categories you’d like to know more about?

Any new ideas that have never been covered before?

It will really help me prioritise what topics to feature on the blog in 2014. This blog started off as a personal blog, where I just shared my own experiences. But the sole reason why it still exists today is so that it can help brides go through the wedding planning process as painlessly as possible. So that it can help YOU. So tell me what YOU want to read about!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Behind The Scenes: The Virtual Wedding Show (wedding blogger session!)

16 Dec

Did you see it? Did you see it???


Now for what happened behind the scenes -

I did the Wedding Blogger session this morning on IndianRoots’ Virtual Wedding Show, with fellow blogger Mehak (of And it was SO. MUCH. FUN!

Meeting Mehak is always a pleasure, she’s so unassuming and chilled out :) We got our makeup done by MUA Nishi, who had only 20 minutes to do her work on both of us!

Here are our before & after pictures -

Virtual Wedding Show blogger session before


Virtual Wedding Show blogger session after

After (I know, it’s a bit blurry!)

Also met Jessica from Google who told me her friend Parul is a loyal TDB reader. Hello Parul! I saw you live while you were attending the Show!

Before the show began, I met Ambika and she was really nice to both of us even throughout the live session. She found my name difficult to pronounce (it’s not the easiest!) so my name got no air time I believe - haha!

The set right before our session

The set right before our session

I wore my Kapil & Monika suit that I’d bought as part of my trousseau last year, thinking it’s made of a thick material so I won’t feel cold. But it was so hot inside, that I might as well have worn a summer suit!

Our session lasted for a little over 10 minutes, but it just flew by for us! I just saw our video, and…ummm…there are so many things that made me feel like I want to go hide somewhere. Specially my hands! What’s up with them flying all over?! Well, that IS how I talk in real life (I think?) so that’s how it finally came out. So much for trying to figure out before we went live - hmmm…how should I place my hands on my lap? Haha! Mehak was so bubbly and approachable, and I loved what she was wearing!

Hope you guys enjoyed the show, and managed to miss all the things that I’m picking on & getting embarrassed about!

A big thank you to the IndianRoots team for putting together such a fantastic show and being a fun bunch of people to hang out with before & after! Seriously, this Virtual Wedding Show was so, so useful. To see the rest of the videos (highly recommended!!!), go to the IndianRoots YouTube channel here.

See me LIVE at 11.15 am IST TODAY!

16 Dec

Hello! Just log on to and attend the Virtual Wedding Show by IndianRoots! It’s already started!

I will be on live for the wedding blogger session at 11.15 AM IST! Mehak of Peaches & Blush will also be on with me :) so excited to speak to all of you! Do ask all your questions in the comment box on the link.

I caught a bit of the Neeta Lulla session in the morning, and she was doling out fantastic advice! This Virtual Wedding Show is a must watch for everyone. You don’t get a chance to have such access to these experts easily. IndianRoots is giving it to you on a platter, so fill it up like it’s the best buffet you’ve ever attended! Bad analogy?

I will see you at 11.15 am IST with Mehak. I feel funny asking you to come watch teeny tiny us when you have Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal and Anita Dongre on the other sessions! But just come say hi :) we are excited to “meet” our readers!

What are you waiting for? Go watch the show, NOW! Here’s the link again -

PS. Ambika Anand of Band Baaja Bride is hosting the Delhi-based sessions!

LIVE Q&A session with ME!

11 Sep

—The session is officially over. You can view the complete Q&A session here.—

Edit: I’m no longer answering questions on so please send your queries via email. Thanks!

Ask Me Anything

Starting RIGHT NOW, I’m available to thedelhibride readers till tomorrow to answer ALL your questions - wedding-related, or otherwise. All you have to do is log on to and leave your question there. I’ll be logged on all day, till tomorrow night 11.59 PM (12 September) so you can keep coming back and ask as many questions as you want.

Why am I doing this?

I receive a ton of questions every day - via email or Twitter or on Facebook. Occasionally, I am totally free when I receive the query, so I respond immediately. Very often though, I have to leave it in my inbox to be answered later. So I thought - why not keep myself free just to answer all your questions for a full day and a half?! You’ll get immediate responses, AND I get a chance to interact with my readers LIVE!

So go on, head over to and Ask Me Anything!

Edit: While I’m here to answer all your makeup related questions, please feel free to ask anything about other wedding-related categories as well! Post-wedding life, blogger’s life, etc - all kinds of questions are welcome!

thedelhibride Magazine launched!

10 Jun

I am super duper happy and totally elated to present to you -

*drum roll please*


thedelhibride Magazine!

Cover Page

Cover Page

You heard right!

We’ve launched our very own e-magazine, to bring to you - our lovely readers aka wedding addicts :) - the best from the world of Indian weddings.

Although a fancy & long introduction is probably befitting, I’d rather let the magazine do the talking for itself. Also because I’ve already written that introduction in the Editor’s Letter section of the magazine.

How can you get your hands on a copy?

Just go to the MAGAZINE link on the top of the blog, or click here.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the magazine - Love it? Hate it? Useful? Useless? Please leave a comment below!

And if you did love it, don’t forget to subscribe to the magazine (subscription details at the end of the MAGAZINE page).


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