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My Best Friend’s Wedding: 18 Days To Go & I Still Don’t Know What I’m Wearing

12 Nov

If you haven’t yet, read the first two posts from this series - Prologue & Chapter 1 - before you get started with this post.

My Best Friend's Wedding 18 Days To Go And I Still Don't Know What To Wear

Panic is slowly, but surely, making it’s way into my mind. I have bits and pieces figured out, but not a single look is a 100% done. This is what I’ve figured out till now -

On Mehendi

DECIDED! :) All the way from the outfit, the earrings and the exact bangles I’m going to have on.

Footwear is the only part of the look that’s still a big fat questions mark. I need to buy pretty jootis. Continue reading

Behind The Scenes at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

1 Aug

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 12.26.58 PM

As promised, here’s a look at what went on Behind The Scenes at IBFW - in pictures!

This was the first fashion show I attended, like, ever! It was a first for my husband as well. Continue reading

Wedding Wardrobe: thedelhibride

24 May

wedding wardrobe thedelhibride

Where did I get my wedding outfits from?

I’ve been asked this question many times, and I thought I’d answer it all in one go Continue reading

How I found my Sangeet Lehenga

20 Aug

how i found my Indian wedding sangeet lehenga aumbre

I found my sangeet lehenga at Aumbre. Yup, it’s done. After searching in too many places to count – all the way from the expensive Frontier Raas, to the bright colors of Eveva Love and the big ghera at Ole Couture – I finally found the one I loved the most. This is how it happened:

Remember that blue top I’d placed an order for a few weeks back at Aumbre (Hauz Khas Village)? I had been procrastinating going there because there was always something more important to do for the wedding. I finally took out some time and decided to pick up the top. I dragged my mother with me, explaining to her that in case the top didn’t fit I’d need her help to make them understand what kind of alterations were required.

I tried on the top when I reached Aumbre, and it was perfect. I loved it!

Meanwhile, my mother was browsing the new stock at Aumbre and found a very contemporary looking black and beige anarkali that she promptly handed to me. I tried it. And…loved it. Placed the order! (there are some clothes at Aumbre that are actually reasonably priced)

Then, a lehenga caught my eye. It had the kind of big flare I wanted. It didn’t have the kind of bright colors I was looking for, but I thought – what the heck, just try it! But it was just a skirt, without a blouse. Saw a sari which had a blouse that would match the lehenga somewhat. Took both into the trial room.

I came out, and guess what? My mother and I loved it. Was this going to be my sangeet lehenga? This plain looking skirt with a blouse that actually belonged to another sari?

The answer came easily to me – YES. The colors it “should” be didn’t matter anymore. It looked good on me – as is. Why does anything else have to matter?

I placed the order, and expect it by mid-September. I will add embellishments to the lehenga if required, once this “first draft” is done. So relieved, and so happy to have found something I loved.

In other major news, my wedding lehenga finally arrived from Om Prakash Jawahar Lal at Chandni Chowk. More on that in the next post.

The GREAT news!

19 Aug

I started off this post a few days back, ready to take you through my 2nd visit to Aumbre. I went there just to pick up my made-to-order blue top, but ended up with something completely unexpected!

And before I could finish writing that post, there was additional big news to share.

What I should do right now is give you all the details on both the pieces of news. But I don’t have the damn patience to write down even an additional paragraph. I want to tell you, like, NOW!

So here goes -

I found my sangeet lehenga, and my wedding lehenga finally arrived!

Details in an upcoming post. I know, I know…too many “upcoming post promises” spoil the broth, but what to do…HAD to share! :)

Edit: Finally wrote the post on how I found my sangeet lehenga - read it here. And for full details on my wedding lehenga story, go here.

Trousseau Destination – Hauz Khas Village #3: Aumbre

6 Aug

aumbre hauz khas village trousseau destination

OMG. I love, love, LOVE this store! What an absolutely amazing collection of Indian and western wear. This is not your typical designer store. They have very few typical anarkali suits. Ok, let me not jump the gun. I’ll take you through the store, one step at a time Continue reading


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