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Every Single Sangeet Video Out There From Shahid Kapoor’s Wedding

9 Jul

Updated with a longer dance video, AND SHAHID SPEAKS ON STAGE AT HIS SANGEET!

Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput first wedding selfie

You’ve already got the low down on every single detail, picture and video of Shahid Kapoor’s wedding to Mira Rajput that took place in Delhi yesterday. In my last post on the blog, I shared everything I could find about the wedding so you didn’t have to go click click click to 20 different places to get all the Shahid wedding details.

As the day progressed, a surprising amount of information made its way onto social media and news outlets, especially considering this was a very private affair and everyone involved was being really tight-lipped about it. What us Shahid fans have loved most, though, is the videos of our hero dancing on his own Sangeet. We’ve seen him give some amazing dance performances over the years, but there’s nothing as special as seeing him act like a regular guy next door, dancing with his bride to be and family on his big day :)

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Shahid Kapoor’s Wedding to Mira Rajput: ALL The Details!

7 Jul Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput Wedding - All the details on wedding blog thedelhibride
UPDATED on 13 July with Mumbai Reception details, a tweet from Shahid himself and more! Look for the UPDATE! sign

Sasha, aka the cutest most adorable actor in all of Bollywood, is getting married TODAY.

If you still didn’t get it, that’s Shahid Kapoor, the cutie patootie heartthrob of girls all over India. He’s getting married. TODAY. Cue: a million hearts shattering.

Yes, the day is already here. And…I…*deep breath*…can’t…*deep breath*…believe it. *faints*

Well alright, alright - I’m married already. I’m off the market. Whatever. I can still love Sasha. He could’ve been mine too, you know. Today could’ve been my wedding day! (sorry, hubby!)

So, who’s this chick he’s chosen to make his wife? Usme aisa kya hai jo mujhme…ok. We’ll not go there.

Who’s That Girl?

Mira. Mira Rajput naam hai uska. Don’t mind me going all Bollywood on you today.

Mira Rajput picture - Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's wedding - Miss Malini

Image courtesy: MissMalini

Who else thinks she looks like Amrita Rao?

Mira’s a Delhiite. School - Vasant Valley. College - LSR. Home - Chhattarpur farms. She just graduated from college (yes, she’s likely just 21 years old…) with a degree in English (Hons), and get this - she met Shahid Kapoor through some Satsang group (Radha Soami Satsang Beas) that both their families follow. Are you freakin’ kidding me? *I* could’ve met him like that! Now, if you’ll excuse me for a minute…

“Hello? Mom? What’s a Satsang?”

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