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Best of Weddings This Week #3

20 Jan Best of Weddings This Week thedelhibride Indian weddings

What does this week’s line up have in store for you? Some pretty decor ideas, beautiful wedding trousseau picks and accessories for brides we loved! Here is the Best of Weddings This Week #3. Continue reading

Delhi’s Hottest Bridal Makeup Artists

8 Feb

I’m back!

Pukka. Permanently. Properly.

I’ve missed you guys!!! Yes, I know you’ve sent me many emails, left comments here and Facebook-ed me. Will get through all of it slowly but surely over the course of the next week.

While I was gone, one of the posts I wrote for eStylista got published. And it’s something you’ll hopefully find really useful -  a list of the best MUAs in Delhi! My opinion, obviously.

I’m helping someone out with their roka preparation at the moment (how many of you are getting engaged/married this April?! Seems like it’s going to be heavy wedding month!) and we actually referred to this list to finalise her MUA! So it’s officially been tried and tested, and will hopefully help you find your bridal MUA!

Here’s the link to the post -

Super Blogger: thedelhibride Recommends the City’s Hottest Bridal Makeup Artists

My top recommendations are (in no particular order) - Chandni Singh, Simran Kalra, Tejasvini Chander, Mona of b:blunt (my own wedding MUA) and Supriti Batra.

Let me know if I’ve missed anyone you love - in the comments below!

PS. Attended 2 beautiful weddings last week, and I can’t stop gushing about them! More about them soon!

Bobbi Brown arrives in India!

10 Jul
Bobbi Brown

Have you seen this smiling face before?

Who is Bobbi Brown? What’s the big deal?

If you’ve read up on anything makeup-related on the Internet, or ever seen an English makeover reality show on TV, you must have seen this face. It’s Bobbi Brown - one of the most famous makeup gurus in the world! And she’s opened up one of her retail stores right here in India - at Select City Walk mall in Delhi! Continue reading

thedelhibride Asks… MUA in Pune

6 Jul

And we’re back with yet another city, and yet another MUA request! Pune is another city from where a lot of queries have come in - for good MUAs for bridal makeup. So, with further ado, here goes the question a lot of you have been asking -

Do you know of a good bridal makeup artist (MUA) in Pune?

Once again, please leave a comment below if you’re already engaged/married and got your makeup done from a Pune-based artist who you loved. Or if you’ve seen an MUAs work on a bride and you’d like to recommend him/her. Thanks so much for taking out the time to respond to fellow brides and helping them out - I appreciate it, and I’m 100% sure they appreciate it even more!

We’ve also put up questions about finding good MUAs in Hyderabad, which got a few responses while the search for MUAs in Amritsar, Chandigarh & Nagpur continues without much luck. If you can recommend a few good ones from those cities, please do leave a comment on the respective posts. Thank you! The Delhi/NCR post continues to be one of the most commented on posts, so take a look if you’re a Delhi bride! You just might find your wedding makeup artist in that post!

The Ultimate Wedding Makeup Guide: Part 2

22 May

Last week, I wrote a very special guest post for Indian Roots on the pre-wedding homework you must do for Bridal Makeup. This week, I follow it up with the next post in the series “The Ultimate Wedding Makeup Guide: On the Day Of The Wedding.”

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 3.47.14 PM

Remember to read this one in detail right before your wedding - it will take you through every step of getting ready on your wedding day. From what you should wear to the parlour (yes, it matters! For a practical reason) to how to ensure you’re comfortable throughout your wedding ceremony.

Let me know if you found it useful, in the comments!

The Ultimate Wedding Makeup Guide

Part 1: Pre-Wedding Homework

Part 2: On The Day Of The Wedding


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