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Best of Weddings This Week #3

20 Jan Best of Weddings This Week thedelhibride Indian weddings

What does this week’s line up have in store for you? Some pretty decor ideas, beautiful wedding trousseau picks and accessories for brides we loved! Here is the Best of Weddings This Week #3. Continue reading

Best of Weddings This Week #2

5 Sep Best of Weddings This Week thedelhibride Indian weddings

We started this new post series way back in January of this year, and never got around to a second round…until now! We’ve been collecting these for a while now - wedding decor ideas, super useful posts we read just last week, and some cute wedding videos to enjoy! Here is the Best of Weddings This Week #2.

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11 Wedding Ideas to Steal from #ShahidKiShaadi

9 Jul The Jaimaal!

This is the third post from the series on Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput’s wedding. Part 1 is here, and you can read Part 2 here. Update: Part 4 (the Mumbai reception) is up on the blog now!

The Jaimaal!

Image courtesy: Hindustan Times

It was a simple wedding. Or, well, as simple as it can get with a Bollywood wedding. I LOVE simple Indian weddings, and considering how hard they are to find, Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput’s elegant affair shot to the top of my favourites list as soon as it was done. Isn’t it amazing how every one of you out there who doesn’t want a big fat Indian wedding can finally scream from the rooftops - “If Shahid Kapoor can have a simple wedding, SO CAN I!” Yay for every bride out there who just wants a nice simple affair!

There were a lot of great ideas for brides to steal for their own wedding - from decor to hairstyles and even wedding favours, and I’m putting them all together here for you to pick and choose from.  Continue reading

Part 3: Brij Holi | Shonan & Adesh

10 Apr

This post is a part of the series from Shonan & Adesh’s wedding. Read it from the beginning:

Post #1: A Shadow Box Wedding Invite

Post #2: Of Tea Cakes, Farm Roses & 7 Course Meals | Shonan’s Bridal Shower

Post #3: Brij Holi & Mehendi —

  • Part 1: The Story Behind This Photograph
  • Part 2: Mehendi
  • Part 3: Brij Holi

Part 3 Brij Holi in Mumbai shot by Joe Radhik Shonan & Adesh | thedelhibride Indian weddings blog

3 months of painstakingly planning the next 1 hour to perfection was about to come together.

The stage was set, and over 300 chairs had been placed before it for the guests to enjoy the spectacle. As promised, Nazneen and her team had run the vibrant Mehendi theme through the second-tier of the garden at Madhuli Apartments. Continue reading

Part 2: Mehendi | Shonan & Adesh

9 Apr

This is post #4 in the series. Read the series from the beginning starting here.

Part 2 Mehendi ethnic traditional and quirky decor by Creative Concepts in Mumbai Shonan & Adesh | thedelhibride Indian weddings blog

20th December, 2014.

The day Shonan and her family had been excitedly anticipating was finally here. And needless to say, it was beyond extra-ordinary.

The bride’s family wanted to run a theme across all three levels of the garden at Madhuli Apartments – traditional Mehendi décor with splashes of vibrant colours, and a dash of quirky - and that is exactly what the decorators gave them.

Embroidered umbrellas, flower rangolis that cascaded down all 3-levels at the staircase, dabbas as centrepieces and candles that were lit once the sun started to set - Nazneen and Taskeen of the decor team had outdone themselves and the bride could hardly believe how picturesque it all looked.

Continue reading

Part 1: The Story Behind This Photograph | Shonan & Adesh

8 Apr

This is the 3rd post in the series about Shonan & Adesh’s wedding. Read it from the beginning here - first post, second post.

Brij Holi wedding pictures Joseph Radhik stunning backdrop Mumbai sea

Shonan + Adesh, Mumbai

December 2014

Time spent planning this Brij Holi: 3 months

Number of hours of sleep during the wedding season before this shoot: 30 in 6 days

Flight + cab time from Hyd venue to Bom venue: 6 hours including traffic

Amount of time when the sky turned this amazing deep purple blue: 10 minutes

Shutter speed: 1/320th of a second

The look on the bride’s family’s faces after seeing this shot: Priceless!

Joseph Radhik uploaded this picture on his Facebook page on 20th December, 2014. Joe runs Stories by Joseph Radhik – a wedding photography and videography company that in my opinion is one of the best in the country. His caption was intriguing. What really did go on in the months leading up to this moment, this photograph?

This is that story.

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Of Tea Cakes, Farm Roses & 7 Course Meals | Shonan’s Bridal Shower

7 Apr

This is post #2 in the series. Start reading from the beginning here.

Of tea cakes, farm roses and 7 course meals The bridal shower in Mumbai Shonan & Adesh | thedelhibride Indian weddings blog

The Bridesmaids

October, 2014. The wedding was in 2 months. Shonan - their friend of almost 2 decades - was tying the knot, and flying off to Belgium to spend the rest of her life with Adesh. Her send-off into the world of marriage needed to be nothing short of spectacular. Because that’s what Shonan’s always been - a spectacular human being. Big heart, quirky likes, strong opinions, and a love for cake so deep that she has a slice every single day.

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Vendor Review: “Elements” Decorator

27 Jun

Remember the pretty bride, Sahiba, who shared pictures and details of her gorgeous wedding outfits with us recently? If you hadn’t noticed already, the decor at her wedding was equally fabulous. I got you plenty of pictures of the decor from all her functions, and also managed to get Sahiba to do a quick review of her decorator - Harkrishan Singh of Elements.

“I can’t say enough good things about our decorator! He was so hands on and took care of every litte detail. My mum is into interior design so she’s very picky and he completely blew us away. I showed him things that I liked during his presentations from previous weddings and he really understood our taste and what we were going for each function.”


“For the mehendi, I wanted it to be super colorful and funky so he used churras hanging in the trees and these really vibrant umbrellas for the tables. I told him how I wanted the swing which he made perfectly.” Editor’s note: I am in love with that swing as well! It’s FABULOUS!


“For the Sangeet, since it was outdoors, we wanted lots of candles and lights by the pool and hanging from trees Continue reading

Vendor Feature: The Wedding Design Company

24 Jun
wedding design company jodhpur 2

The Wedding Design Company decor

Jangpura houses a couple of well-established wedding vendors, but you wouldn’t know where to find The Wedding Design Company until a WDC team member sends you a detailed sms with exact directions. I followed their instructions to the T, and finally landed up in front of the “big blue door” mentioned in the message. It’s located on an unassuming narrow lane that doesn’t exactly scream, “address of one of the best wedding planners in the country.”

I knock on the door and having given my name to the guard; I wait for him to come back with instructions. I can’t help but notice the ambience Continue reading

TDB’s Day Out! Vogue Wedding Show Day 2

6 Apr

Follow thedelhibride on Twitter or like us on Facebook to keep up with the Vogue Wedding Show – I’m live-tweeting my way through it on all 3 days – 4th to 6th April!

Image 1On my second day at Taj Palace, I saw a lot more men visiting VWS. I’m assuming the women decided to bring along their fiancés, husbands and fathers to do some serious damage to their wallets.

It was also a little more crowded today (but still nowhere near as crowded as a typical wedding exhibition gets), probably because of Friday being the beginning of a weekend and serious buyers having flown in keeping the weekend in mind. Maximum crowd is expected on Saturday, but you’ll still have plenty of space to move around comfortably – or so I hope.

There were so many luxury wedding service providers, I can’t possibly detail out all of them in this post. But I’ll give you a snapshot of what I saw, and what I loved. It will make for a quick reference guide for brides attending the show today, and provide an overview to those of you who couldn’t attend. Here goes!

 1. Sheena Sippy Photography

She’s the only photographer at the show. Other than clicking fantastic pictures, she makes photo books – basically wedding albums, but with a concept. Along with photographs, she incorporates elements from the wedding that made it special for the couple. For example, she printed the lyrics of a Metallica song in one wedding album because that was the couple’s song. She takes care of the tiniest details in this album, so if you’re a newlywed and didn’t get a chance to get your wedding shot by Sheena, you can still give her your pictures and she can make a memorable wedding book for you. Price? Approximately INR 2,000-3,000 per page. In recent times, she has shot Boman Irani’s son’s wedding.

2. Ekaya

Loved their bright hued saris! Classic pieces from their Banarsi silk sari collection is on display here.

3. Namrata Soni Makeup & Hair

Has created looks for Sonam Kapoor on numerous red carpet events as well as photoshoots. She charges INR 50,000 for bridal makeup, hair and draping – if the wedding is in India.

Wedding Invite Designers

4. Vivek Sahni Design

Superb designs, and I fell in love with their pastel shade cards with watercolor artwork! They make really beautiful cards, that will cost you a minimum of INR 400-500 each.

5. EDC

The Entertainment Design Company has made cards for a lot of biggies in India, such as Karan Johar and the Ambani’s. They have fantastic designs here, and I was pleasantly surprised to see cutwork cards – I had wanted one for my wedding but was not able to find someone who would do a trustworthy job at lasering the card. They have a store at Defence Colony, if you’d like to visit them.

Wedding Planners & Related Services

6. Wedding Design Company

I loved their décor display table (you can see pictures of it in their Facebook album from the show here) – it gave me so much inspiration for great centerpiece ideas! They’re wedding planners and cover pretty much every aspect of wedding planning, from scratch to the final stages. I’ve always loved their work, and was glad to meet the team. WDC is headed by Vandana Mohan, who is such a pleasant lady! And their representative, Devika, was super friendly as well! The whole stall had a very open, welcoming charm to it.

7. FNP Weddings

Part of the Fernsnpetals group, they’ve been in the wedding planning business for a long, long time. They’ve even collaborated with THE Preston Bailey on weddings in India! While FNP Weddings focuses on high budget weddings, fnpfloral does smaller scale weddings as well, catering to budgets even lesser than 10 lakh.

8. Harsha K

They’re into organizing events, and even do trousseau and gift packing! You can make out their skills just by looking at how beautifully they have wrapped up this chocolate I got from them.


I met Harsha Heeramaneck and Radhi Kilachand here. They’re Indians who live abroad, and their Gujarati accents were lovely to listen to! Very pleasant ladies to talk to. You can visit their website at www.harshak.in

9. Quintessentially Weddings India

They’ve recently launched their wedding planning services in India. Another global brand, with a minimum wedding budget of 5 Cr and charge approximately 20% as wedding planning fees.


10. Rose

It’s a famous jewellery boutique, with a store in Mumbai and one in DLF Emporio as well. I met Purnima Sheth there who was such a sweet lady – she showed me diamond bracelets in different kinds of settings that would be closer to the budget I had in mind.

Your food guide to the Vogue Wedding Show:

I also ate a LOT today. Had some yummy sugar coated cookies at Taj Khazaana stall, a milk chocolate at Pallavi Jaikishan that had a Gryffindor (any Harry Potter fans, here?) sign look alike embossed onto it, and delicious rum and raisin chocolate at Ganjam! Basically, I was on a sugar overdose and felt like a little kid that’s been let loose in an amusement park – with fascinating characters to meet and keep myself going all day with cotton candy and slurpees and caramel popcorn and chocolate ice-cream. As you can see, I quite enjoyed Day 2 at Vogue Wedding Show. Are you heading there today?

You can read up on Day 1 at VWS here, and Day 3 here.


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