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20 Favourite Outfits from Amazon India Fashion Week! Spring/Summer 2016

14 Oct Best of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

I’ve cribbed a ton during this season of fashion weeks. “Uninspiring” “disappointing” - I’ve hurled all sorts of adjectives at them. Compared to the rest of them, Amazon India Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2016 line was not half-bad. I’m not calling it exciting for brides, because there was (as expected) a very limited offering for wedding wear. But I still want to keep you abreast with the best of what AIFW had to offer to kick off our 2016 wardrobe, and there are a few pointers in here for the fashion-conscious bride.

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Best of BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2015

13 Aug

Best of India Bridal Fashion Week 2015

2 fashion weeks back to back = 1 exhausted wedding blogger.

While it’s been a fun 2 weeks, it’s also been a bit back-breaking. But still, FUN! *falls to the ground*

We’ve shared so much new fashion with you (from India Couture Week all the way to Vogue Wedding Show), but there’s one more big one before we take a break for the weekend - our favourite bridal wear picks from BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2015 that wrapped up in Delhi this Tuesday. Go on, look at our Top Picks first, and then browse through the rest of the collections at the end of the post. 90+ outfits are in here, so take your time and see what IBFW had to offer to brides this year.

Top Picks

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Best of Vogue Wedding Show 2015

11 Aug Wedding Design Company - Table Decor with red roses- Vogue Wedding Show 2015

THE Vogue Wedding Show kicked off in Delhi this Friday, and if you’re wondering – was it really worth attending? – the answer’s a resounding yes. Of course, it’s a luxury wedding exhibition, so we expected nothing but the best-in-the business designers and jewellery makers at Taj Palace Hotel.

We spent a whole day at Vogue Wedding Show, and covered every inch of it. Not a single stone unturned. Here are the stalls we loved and our favourite pieces from the show!  Continue reading

Trousseau Destination: Anita Dongre, Delhi

12 Sep

For more trousseau destination posts, go here.

Anita Dongre Trousseau Destination DLF Emporio delhi bridal store

Trousseau heaven.

It’s been a 2 year love affair with Anita Dongre’s bridal wear, and I’m still repeating the same two words - trousseau heaven.

If you’ve been reading the blog long enough, you would’ve figured this out by now - I’m a huge fan. A kid in a candy store. Which is why you can understand why it’s been a very exciting August for me, to put it mildly Continue reading

Manish Malhotra at Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week 2014

6 Aug

best of Manish Malhotra India Couture Week 2014

Manish Malhotra. THE Manish Malhotra! I was beyond excited to see what impressive creations he’d whipped up. And who the Bollywood showstoppers were going to be! Last year, he had roped in Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone! Continue reading

Groom Wear at Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2013

19 Jul
Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2013 Media Preview

Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2013 Media Preview

Did you think I was going to talk only about Bridal Wear from Tarun Tahiliani’s couture collection? Not leaving the boys out this time!

Of course, the collection for men was limited. But I still found some that I loved! I tend to enjoy the simpler ones when it comes to menswear. Here they are -

TDB’s Picks

Light gold sherwani

A light gold sherwani with traditional chikankari, and resham and kasab embroidery on the borders. Worn with a long, pleated, silk brocade kurta and churidar. Look enhanced by a Jamewar shawl, embroidered juttis and jewel buttons on the sherwani.

A light gold sherwani with traditional chikankari, and resham and kasab embroidery on the borders. Worn with a long, pleated, silk brocade kurta and churidar. Look enhanced by a Jamewar shawl, embroidered juttis and jewel buttons on the sherwani.

Neither a big fan of the Jamewar shawl, nor of the peeping pleated long kurt a underneath. Just put the boy in the sherwani and let the kurta end where the sherwani ends. This one reminds me of what my husband wore Continue reading

TDB’s Day Out! Vogue Wedding Show Day 1

4 Apr

Follow thedelhibride on Twitter or like us on Facebook to keep up with the Vogue Wedding Show - I’m live-tweeting my way through it on all 3 days - 4th to 6th April!

Image 1

When you enter the driveway of Taj Palace, you can feel the buzz of Vogue Wedding Show. Once I was in, I was given a folder (which was very useful to collect all the brochures I kept getting at every stall) that contained all the information I needed to know about the show – list of designers and other wedding experts showcasing their work + maps of the two halls in which the show was taking place. The Durbar Hall has the Indian Bridal Couture and Jewellery stalls, while the Shahjehan Hall has “wedding services” companies – such as the wedding planners, invitation card designers, etc. I asked if I could bring in my SLR camera, but it was not possible. So you’ll have to make do with my description of what I saw – I hope I can add pictures later if and when Vogue makes them available.

I’ll give you a brief overview of the Indian Bridal Couture section first. Warning: If you’re a bride to be and can afford to spend upwards of 2 lakhs on a lehenga and above 1 lakh on an anarkali, you’ll find the information below actually helpful. For the rest of you, I hope I can giveaway free designer wear to my blog readers some day :) In the meanwhile, we’ll just drool over these!

1. Sabyasachi

Let’s begin with the God of bridal wear. I saw a lot of netural shades here, a lot of beige and ivory. The lehengas I liked?

  • There was one gorgeous lehenga with aari work – beige and ivory. It’s the first one you see when you walk in. The work on it was very heavy. But, heavy aari work done tastefully looks gorgeous. And Sabyasachi probably created the word tasteful in the fashion world.
  • A peach net lehenga, which is so fluffy and the color so flirty that you’ll feel like a princess in it! It had a heavily embroidered blouse and the lehenga had 2 layers. The top layer had sequins. Beneath it was another net layer that had white threadwork on it (gone are the days when we saw brocade under net – thank God, I was never able to warm up to the trend). I fell in love with this lehenga – it was just so pretty and fluffy! If you’re having a day wedding and are looking for a pastel shade lehenga, you should consider this. Price 1.95 lakh.
  • A lighter-than-salmon pink chikankari lehenga, which was also all fluffy and pink and pretty! The blouse had very neatly embroidered small flowers on it - similar to my wedding blouse actually. Wait a minute, did I just compare my wedding blouse to one from the Sabyasachi collection?! *grins* The dupatta looked like a starry night in the sky, a salmon pink sky with a generous sprinkling of tiny silver stars on it.

I also saw a unique “parsi sari” (in Sabyasachi’s words). It was a salmon pink sari, which had a pale blue border on it’s sheer heavy pallu.

About Sabyasachi - He talks the same way in real life as he talks on Band Baaja Bride (the show on NDTV). And his collection was actually wearable. It also made me wonder – are pastel shades in?

2. Anamika Khanna

Her area was full, full, full! Every time I stepped in, there were too many people around her. She had personal appointments back-to-back. Lehengas I liked?

  • A beautiful and elegant white lehenga jacket. The jacket had silver gota patti work on it, while the lehenga had silver aari work embroidered onto it. The lehenga looked fluffy mainly on account of the full ghera it had.
  • A silver gota patti work lehenga, that was so full of work that the beautiful shade of the turquoise blue base underneath only managed to peep through sparingly.
  • While I was in there, a bride was trying on an eggplant purple silk lehenga with a heavily embroidered red blouse.

I managed a peep at a cobalt blue long jacket filled with white embroidery – it was gorgeous! Also, it was just 5,000 rupees shy of 4 lakh in cost!

About Anamika Khanna – she was super sweet. I had entered her “stall” twice, and had not been able to view half the collection because of her ongoing appointments. I had spotted the cobalt blue jacket from a distance, but was not able to get to it. Finally, when I entered the third time, I asked one of the assistants to please show me the cobalt blue jacket, but once she realized it was right behind where Anamika was standing (it was quite crowded to get to that piece), she asked me to come again later please! Anamika spotted us, and quickly asked the assistant, “Which piece should I hand over to you?” She realized I wanted to look at it, and ensured I got it in my hands, even though she was in the middle of a personal appointment and really needn’t have put in the effort! I thought it was really sweet on her part to do that. Now you know why I said she was super sweet. She really is, isn’t she?

3. Suneet Varma

He was walking around saying hello to his dear friends, saw him chatting with Anamika & Sabyasachi. I saw a classic white lehenga with a red border here. Unfortunately, it reminded me a lot of something I have seen at Frontier Raas before - isn’t it sad that I’m comparing a Suneet Varma design to Frontier? It’s obviously the other way around - they copied it from him. But the one thing I LOVED here was a heavy red anarkali! It was so, so beautiful! Everything about it was lovely – the design in which the back was cut, the way it flowed, the embroidery. Perfect for a bride’s trousseau. I want it.

4. Pallavi Jaikishan

Didn’t see her today. Her collection had a lot of pastel shades with floral threadwork (which is what Mehak of peachesandblush.com loved about her collection last year). The pieces I liked were:

  • A net pista green lehenga with gold gota patti work and chiffon flowers, paired with a bright pink blouse. Lots of floral embroidery on it.
  • A pista green sari with the same work as the lehenga
  • A pale yellow sari with bright pink border
  • A rani pink and red subtly shaded sari with relatively heavy golden emroidery

The bridal lehengas were too blingy for my taste, unfortunately. But the sari collection was nice.

5. Tarun Tahiliani

There were a lot of pastels and neutral shades in his collection as well. I’m confused though - aren’t bright colors in? Or was that last season? Fasion bloggers, help! He had a lovely toned down collection for grooms – sherwanis in shades of ivory, and black. I felt bad for the boys though – they have such limited color options. I also managed a peek at yet another salmon pink fluffy lehenga that looked very princess-like. Dreamy! And another heavily embroidered lehenga that probably weighed 10 kilos…or more!

6. Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

They had a very limited collection on display. And out of the 4-5 that were on display, none that catered to my taste :(

Others that need a mention and no, these cannot wait till tomorrow to be written about:

1. Judith Lieber has a scheme on “a trousseau box of clutches”. These are blinged out clutches, fit for a party and cost upwards of 1 lakh each. But if you buy a box of 4, you get 20% off. Boxes of 2 and 3 can also be customized at discounted rates. I saw a very pretty pale blue clutch here that I want. On a side note, did you know that pale blue is my current favourite color? I’m obsessed with it.

2. Janavi is a must visit. I met Puneet (who, btw, I later realized is the CEO of the company) who showed me pashmina shawls in bright shades – pinks and oranges, with embroidery on them that’s similar to that done on a sari! This is all from their Wedding Collection, which may or may not be available at their DLF Emporio store post the exhibition. The shawls were really soft, and are fit to wear over a sari or suit without spoiling the whole party look you’ve got going. I fell in love with a burnt orange shawl that had antique gold, almost bronze subtle embroidery on its border (INR 20,000). You can also buy men’s stoles for INR 10,000 – put them together, and you’ve got the perfect wedding gift for a bride and groom. Janavi also had pashmina saris and cute summer stoles with colorful animals embroidered at the end of the stole.

Looking forward to Day 2 of Vogue Wedding Show!

Any one in particular you want me to meet and talk to? Have a look at the full list of wedding experts here and let me know.

You can read up on Day 2 at VWS here, and Day 3 here.

thedelhibride Asks…Grooming the Groom!

18 Oct

Mr. Fiancé has recently been asking me if there is any grooming he needs to do in order to look his best on wedding day. He’s heard me talk about so many things I’m doing to get myself ready for D-day (facials and other pre-bridal lingo) he’s starting to wonder if it’s only me who’s getting married! Well, I think somebody’s just feeling a bit left out!
Before I throw the question your way, I’ll give you some relevant details about his current state -
His face and body need nothing, really. I considered suggesting a facial to him, just because I found it sooo relaxing for myself. But he’s never had one before and I don’t want to suggest he tries out something completely new 10 days before the wedding. Plus, his skin is fab anyway so really, what’s the point?
I dragged him to b:blunt to get a haircut a few days back, so that’s perfect as well.
So you see, I don’t think he needs to do anything. But he’s been pestering me for the last few weeks, asking me “please tell me if there is anything I need to go, I’ll do it!” So girls, the floor’s open for you to tell the men what they need to do (just the way God intended :p)…
What grooming should a groom do to get ready for his wedding?

The Indian Groom’s Dilemma - To Propose or Not To Propose?

11 Aug

This one’s for the grooms. Brideys, if you manage to get them to read it, you just might get what you wished for ;)

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Boy drops on one knee and proposes to the girl. She gives an ecstatic yes! Parents meet for the first time. Wedding takes place. Boy and girl live happily ever after.

And…cut to India. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They want to get married. Parents meet for the first time. They give an ecstatic yes! Wedding takes place. Boy and girl live happily ever after.

But wait…didn’t we skip something? Ah, yes…the mandatory “Boy drops on one knee and proposes to the girl.”

But, is it really mandatory? In India, not really. It’s something that happens “just in the movies”.

Well, not anymore. There is a small, yet significant group of men who understand the need to provide their soon-to-be-wives with a proposal worthy of an “Awww!” “But, what’s the point?” you ask. Your wedding date has been fixed – “popping the question” is a redundant exercise now. It’s a done deed. The love of your life already knows she’s marrying you, as does every other kaka, mama, tai in the neighbourhood. Why, in the name of God, do you still need to get down on one knee?

Rule #1 for you buddy: Never believe a girl who says she doesn’t want/need to be proposed to.

Now that you’ve accepted the fact, make a decision. You have one of three options:

  • Go the whole hog: Go through the pain to propose to her the way they show it “in the movies” – surprise her. You must be wondering – what ring do I propose with? My family is already getting her a diamond ring for the engagement ceremony! Here’s a unique idea – buy her a Swarovski ring! They’re very reasonable, but still nice enough to propose with. I got this idea from a Peaches & Blush blog post here, where her soon-to-be-husband proposed to her on a hot air balloon with a Swarovski ring that has butterflies on it. (A note for the women reading this – do check out the post for her diamond engagement ring, it’s beautiful! She also gives some great advice on shopping for diamonds there)
  • Compromise aka na idhar ka na udhar ka: If you consider this whole exercise truly redundant and there’s no way that a girl living in Delhi who’s going to get married soon can convince you of it, then atleast on the day of your engagement drop on one knee while you place the ring on her finger. Trust me, she’ll remember it.
  • Do nothing: You refuse to do any of the above, because you feel you don’t need to. You’re marrying her after all, and that should be enough. That’s alright – it’s your life, your decision. But do yourself a favour and buy the book “Chicken Soup for the Indian Bride’s Soul”. Read a story in there called “Popping the Question” – it will help you have a solid answer in place for life…just in case that moment creeps up on you where your wife asks “How come I never got a proposal?” Reading that story will save your a**.

Although I may have made it sound like a really big deal, I didn’t mean to. Proposal or no proposal, the girl you’re marrying will be extremely glad to have the chance to spend her life with the one she loves. We’re not that bad ;) Here’s to a very happy married life to all you boys, and to that day when realisation dawns on you that it’s best to let your wife atleast think she’s always right!

Note: thedelhibride is neither liable nor responsible for any unrealistic expectations that have been created in the minds of brides after reading this post.


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