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How I Styled 1 Anarkali in 3 Different Ways this Wedding Season

13 Jan 1 Anarkali Styled 3 different ways to wear to weddings

Indian wear is expensive. Or should I be saying, my tastes are expensive? Either way, most anarkalis I love don’t start below Rs.15,000 (at minimum!) and just a set of unstitched suit fabric in raw silk costs Rs.8,000. Of course, I still go on a manic hunt every time to find something more reasonable, but the fact no one can deny is - ethnic clothes cost a helluva lot these days! Which is why, when you have bought something, you want to get all the use out of it you possibly can.

I have one anarkali in my wardrobe that I love so much, I wore it to 4 different wedding events last winter. But when you’re wearing the same outfit over and over again, you want to style it differently each time, however slightly, so that it doesn’t look the exact same over and over again. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Shopping in South Ex

21 Oct Frontier Raas - a pink net dupatta I bought as part of a suit fabric set

Everything you needed to know about Wedding Shopping in Delhi’s famous South Ex market

Ask anyone in Delhi - which are the best markets in Delhi to do some bridal shopping - and South Extension is guaranteed to be in their top 3 list. But if you’re not familiar with the market, shopping at South Ex for the first time as a bride can be an overwhelming experience.

Aunties and relatives will give you their own version of “beta you must shop at this store” and suddenly you have a list of 20 stores to visit, and no clue about what the specialty of each store is. You will head into the market on Day 1 expecting to get everything done in a single visit, and realise after 7 visits that there are still a dozen more shops on your list and you’re nowhere near completing your trousseau shopping!

Well, calm down already. I have lost count of how many times I’ve been to South Ex for bridal shopping - either for myself or a friend or a cousin, and after years of “wedding research”, I’ve put together the most extensive list I could possibly put together in a single post.

Continue reading

The Wedding Lehenga Story

21 Aug

how i found my Indian wedding lehenga chandni chowk om prakash jawaharlal

I went to Chandni Chowk this Saturday to pick up my wedding lehenga, finally. But the journey began many months ago, in South Extension…

When I had started off my search for the wedding lehenga, I had been sorely disappointed. Everything was so…chamki! And oddly, the lesser the bling, the more the price!

One hot summer day, I was walking around South Ex market browsing wedding lehengas. I went to Ushnaq Mal and saw a few pretty designs. Nothing wow, but still some nice lehengas. Realizing that my dream lehenga probably didn’t even exist in the real world, I decided to pick one of the sober yet prettier lehengas at that shop. Then we sat with the salesman to decide on the colors and design of my wedding lehenga. Because I was not a 100% sure, I told him that I would confirm the final order by the next day.

When we came out of the shop, my mother suggested that we look around some more. After all, South Ex has so many good shops for Indian wear, no harm in looking. When we crossed Heritage, I remembered looking at a beautiful lehenga on display at the window a few days back. I had loved the skirt part, but the blouse had been too full of bling so I had dismissed it from my mind. Today, I thought, I should go and atleast see that lehenga. The skirt was truly beautiful.

I went to the first floor of the shop and asked for that lehenga. When I laid my eyes on it, I realized my memory had not served me wrong – it was as beautiful as I remembered. And the chamki blouse from the window? Oh, that was from another lehenga. This one had a blouse with similar shades and embroidery as the skirt.

How much is it for? [insert dimaag ki batti uda dene wala price]. Oh, I’ll still try it!

Those of you who have experienced this will know what I am talking about – it felt like I was in lehenga heaven. This was perfect. Like, it was made for me! There was nothing wrong with this lehenga, well, of course – except the price! Damn. I wish I were richer. It was just exquisite. Unfortunately for me, even though it was way over budget, I fell in love with it. And……I wanted it.

But, how? To cut a long story short – we went to 3 separate people to copy the lehenga for us. We were not satisfied with either their samples, or the prices they were quoting. We got sick and tired of trying to get the exact same lehenga. So much stress, so much tension! Mother said, let’s go to Chandni Chowk and see if we can find something. Which is how I landed up at Om Prakash Jawahar Lal. They had some really, really nice designs which were very wedding-worthy. Then, something unexpected happened – almost like, it was meant to be:

I asked my mom, “Should I show that picture of the Heritage lehenga to this guy? Ask him if he has something similar?” She agreed. By this time, the salesman was in front of us about to unfold the 40th lehenga for us to see. He opened it, and voila! It was almost a replica of the one I was just about to show him from Heritage! Insane, right?

I placed the order immediately, and I kept stressing to him that it should be as close as possible to the original. I even sent him the picture I had of the Heritage lehenga. I got it for lesser than 1/3rd the price!

But it was, after all - Chandni Chowk. And the lehenga he had showed me was in a mess – the threads were falling out, I could barely make out what the original lehenga looked like. I was stressed out - would he do a good job? What if it came out looking horrendous? What would I do then? Would I have to go and buy the expensive Heritage one? Or go looking for a completely new lehenga? Argh!

And the long duration between placing the order and the lehenga arriving didn’t help one bit! Honest to God, I had a nightmare the day before I was supposed to go pick up the lehenga. Just like the one you have a day before your exams start. I dreamt that I reach the shop, and he shows me a lehenga with just the fabric put together – and he’s saying they’ll start embroidering it starting tomorrow! All that emroidery, and they hadn’t even started yet?! I was freaking out!

Fortunately for me, this story has a very happy ending. Like I was saying…

I went to Chandni Chowk this Saturday to pick up my wedding lehenga, finally. When they opened it in front of me, I could see that the most of it was just like the original. I obviously noticed some stark differences as well, but I kept my mouth shut. I just wanted to try it on, and I had tried very hard over the last many, many weeks to convince myself that I didn’t need the lehenga to look exactly like the original. What mattered was that overall, I should look good. And I did. And the lehenga did. Some of the things that were different actually made this lehenga better. Yes, better than the Heritage one. You can blame it on my determination to not feel buyer’s remorse but I’ll say it again – the lehenga from Chandni Chowk was better than the one from Heritage. They made it look more “bridal”. It’s an Indian wedding after all, who wears a toned down lehenga on their own wedding? I almost did, but Om Prakash Jawahar Lal made sure I didn’t ;)

Update: To see pictures of my wedding lehenga, go here.

Wedding Lehenga Shopping Begins!

16 May

I have been pinning the lehenga looks I’m loving onto my pinterest boards. There are very few bridal lehengas, because I’m picky like that. I’m narrowing down what I like, will be going to Chandni Chowk this weekend to check out some out. Till date, I have seen lehengas at -

  1. Kapil & Mmonika, Lajpat Nagar - Some modern stuff, but most of it is really heavy and really expensive - in my opinion, not worth it. One of the sales women is really annoying, over-bearing types - she keeps giving her opinion even when it’s evident you don’t care about it! The other sales woman is really sweet - she gives you your space to decide (you will need that since they’re so expensive), but provides help willingly when you need it.
  2. Heritage, South Ex - It has some really, really classy Indian wear, for both men and women. Their sherwanis look really great, and they have an absolutely amazing collection of suits and sarees. I haven’t really looked for lehengas over here, but there was ONE that I saw that I fell in love it (but it was for 2 lakh!). The only downside? It’s an expensive shop.
  3. Frontier Raas, South Ex - has a good variety of lehengas, and caters to many budget sizes. Although most of their stuff is something almost every bride will wear (uniqueness factor is low for most lehengas), they still have some pretty solid designs that will flatter and please most brides. Must-visit. (I already saw a pink lehenga here I absolutely adored and would’ve bought it but the only problem was - I found it in Feb! Was too early to buy my lehenga, plus it was one of the first shops I’d stepped into)
  4. UM MoolChand, South Ex - I don’t remember the name of this shop, but they showed me a few pretty lehengas. Their range starts from about 60,000 to 70,000. Again, not very unique pieces but would appeal to most brides.
  5. CTC, Great India Place, Noida - They also had a fairly decent lehenga collection - large variety. Found a dark blue one that looked good on me, but, the color didn’t seem very bridal. Had gone there during sale season and decent bridal lehengas were available for 20,000 to 30,000!
  6. Anita Dongre, Phoenix Mills, Mumbai - Some really wearable lehengas, not super heavy and obviously, very stylish. But the damn price tag! Definitely a good choice for people who can afford it!

Still to see -

  • In South Ex: Ushnaq Mal, Greenways (not sure if they have lehengas?), Perfection House, Ritika Bhasin
  • In Karol Bagh - Frontier Bazaar, Anarkali (recommended by a lot of people)
  • In Modi Nagar - CTC Mall (recommended by a friend, but it’s REALLY far off from where I live. Let’s see if I manage to get there)
  • In M-block market, GK2 - Art Karat Creations (one of my relative’s got a gorgeous wedding lehenga from here)
  • M-block market, GK1 (clueless about which shops sell lehengas here)

In case you’re looking for an extensive list of shops to buy bridal lehengas from, check out this post on Peaches & Blush (P&B). In case this is the first time you’re hearing about P&B, YOU’RE WELCOME! :)

I’ll keep adding updates to this post over the next month and a half. I need to place the order for my wedding lehenga by end of June. God help me!

PS. Another great post on Wedding Shopping in Delhi can be found on Marigold Events here.


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