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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Shopping in Meherchand Market

23 Dec Meherchand Market Wedding Shopping Guide | thedelhibride.com

Ever so often, I will stumble upon a fascinating new store online, and what do I find? It’s located in Meherchand Market. Bang next to Lodhi Colony, this market has been around for a long time, but it’s only over the last few years that designer boutiques, both big and small, have cropped up alongside cute hangout cafes. Suddenly, it’s a nice spot to shop for your wedding, minus the crowds of more popular markets such as South Ex.

But no one really knows too much about Meherchand market. Ask a Delhi-ite what are the best stores to shop at, and they are likely to wrinkle their foreheads trying to remember that one name someone told them about recently. So, of course, I knew I had to put all the brides’ questions to rest. This is an all you need to know guide to wedding shopping in Delhi’s Meherchand market.  Continue reading

A Bride’s Guide to Sari Draping

14 Sep

A bride to be and clueless about saris? You’ve been saved!

First, go through this poster…

The Sari School Workshop

Sign up for it if you’re interested! Yes, it costs INR 1,500 but that’s not bad considering you’ll learn more than just one sari draping style - I’m assuming by someone who’s a pro at it! I’m probably registering myself - so I’ll see you there :)

To further add to (or should I say - begin) your sari literacy, the same bookstore is hosting a Pecha Kucha sari event on 28th September (a day before the workshop) starting 7.30 pm. There will be guest speakers talking about the evolution of the sari, and there will be refreshments. Entry is free for this event.

For further details, you can go through brownpaperbag’s post on this.

What are you doing to improve your sari-literacy?


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