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Where to Buy Floral Jewellery in Delhi

10 Dec Where to buy floral jewellery in Delhi - floral jewelry for the bride on her Mehendi

Floral jewellery has been around for a couple of years. It has been many a brides’ go-to-accessory for the Mehendi ceremony, and I’ve been wondering lately what sparked the trend. Did brides want something unique to adorn themselves with, or was it a matter of finding a lower budget accessory?

Either way, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and considering how popular it is, it’s surprising how little is known about where to find it and whom to get it made from. Continue reading

Part 2: Mehendi | Shonan & Adesh

9 Apr

This is post #4 in the series. Read the series from the beginning starting here.

Part 2 Mehendi ethnic traditional and quirky decor by Creative Concepts in Mumbai Shonan & Adesh | thedelhibride Indian weddings blog

20th December, 2014.

The day Shonan and her family had been excitedly anticipating was finally here. And needless to say, it was beyond extra-ordinary.

The bride’s family wanted to run a theme across all three levels of the garden at Madhuli Apartments – traditional Mehendi décor with splashes of vibrant colours, and a dash of quirky - and that is exactly what the decorators gave them.

Embroidered umbrellas, flower rangolis that cascaded down all 3-levels at the staircase, dabbas as centrepieces and candles that were lit once the sun started to set - Nazneen and Taskeen of the decor team had outdone themselves and the bride could hardly believe how picturesque it all looked.

Continue reading

Part 1: The Story Behind This Photograph | Shonan & Adesh

8 Apr

This is the 3rd post in the series about Shonan & Adesh’s wedding. Read it from the beginning here - first post, second post.

Brij Holi wedding pictures Joseph Radhik stunning backdrop Mumbai sea

Shonan + Adesh, Mumbai

December 2014

Time spent planning this Brij Holi: 3 months

Number of hours of sleep during the wedding season before this shoot: 30 in 6 days

Flight + cab time from Hyd venue to Bom venue: 6 hours including traffic

Amount of time when the sky turned this amazing deep purple blue: 10 minutes

Shutter speed: 1/320th of a second

The look on the bride’s family’s faces after seeing this shot: Priceless!

Joseph Radhik uploaded this picture on his Facebook page on 20th December, 2014. Joe runs Stories by Joseph Radhik – a wedding photography and videography company that in my opinion is one of the best in the country. His caption was intriguing. What really did go on in the months leading up to this moment, this photograph?

This is that story.

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Wedding Wardrobe: Sahiba

25 Jun

Wedding Wardrobe Sahiba trousseau

I first saw pictures of Sahiba & Jitin’s wedding on Photo Tantra’s Facebook page, and couldn’t help but fall in love with the bride! From her natural looking makeup, to classy jewellery and beautiful wedding outfit - she makes for a perfect inspiration for brides to be. I wanted to feature her on my blog and so I got in touch with Photo Tantra and eventually, the bride herself! Sahiba was really sweet and shared plenty of details about her wedding to help out fellow brides. Have a look!

First up – a breakdown of Sahiba’s wedding outfits! Continue reading

thedelhibells: Mehendi

6 Mar

The haldi was washed off, but the yellow hues remained. Night fell, the lights came on, and the smell of mehendi wafted through the decorated doors.

Presenting to you, the mehendi ceremony!


I was panic-striken after I saw my parents faces after the haldi ceremony. They had washed their faces, but you could still see yellow patches on their faces from where the haldi had been applied. I was afraid to come out looking half-yellow half-normal! I knew I would have to scrub well in the shower, and scrub I did! I may have taken a bit too long to get ready – by the time I came out, my sister had already knocked 10 times on my door asking me to get out already!

I didn’t have time to blow dry my hair, but I hadn’t intended to anyway. I knew my hair would get heated and curled and God-knows what-not over the next few days, so I gave it a break and just left it as is. Normally, it dries out frizzy, but I took the chance.

I entered the mehendi area awestruck. The lighting by the bay window was just as I had imagined. But I can’t take any credit for décor on any of the functions. It was all decided and organized by my talented mother and sister.

The full mehendi outfit, and the bay window area where I sat for mehendi

The full mehendi outfit, and the bay window area where I sat for mehendi

I took my place amongst pillows and cushions strewn around for comfort, and the mehendi began. There were 2 menehdi-walas sitting with me, and this is how the conversation went:

Mehendi-wala: Madam, kaisi mehendi chahiye? Dense, ya khuli khuli?

Me: Khuli khuli

Mehendi-wala: Any design preferences?

Me: Nahi, do whatever you want. Just make it pretty.

Mehendi-wala: Mehendi kahaan tak chahiye?

Me: Yahaan tak (pointing to a place on my arm 2 inches above my wrist) aur yahaan tak (pointing to a place 2 inches above my ankles)

*uproar all around*

Whaaat? You are the bride! Get mehendi atleast till your elbows. What about your legs? Why are you getting such little mehendi? You are the bride only once!

Ah, they went on and on. Well, as Mehak had so nicely put it on her blog a long time ago – once the mehendi dries, they’re just black squiggly lines. And I knew that the more spread out the mehendi is, the more skin shows from between those lines, and the contrast makes the mehendi prettier. That’s just my take on it.

Anyway, since I was the bride, and they were my hands and feet, I got to decide how much mehendi I wanted on them. All pleas blurred in the background, and the mehendi-wala got to work – got to give the bride what she wants!

I was very pleased with how the mehendi turned out. No, it was nothing fancy. But, it was just as I had imagined. And in retrospect, I can confidently say that I did not regret the “less” amount of mehendi I got done. I was just being me, and that’s what all brides should aim to be. If you want to go light on the mehendi, say it! And that’s what you’ll get. But if you’ve always dreamt of mehendi all over your arms and legs, by all means get that done! It’s your day. It’s your time. Do what ever it is that makes you a happy and satisfied bride. That’s all that everyone wants for you anyway.

Mehendi for blog5

Once the photographers and the last of the guests left for the night, it was just me, my sister and my parents. And that was the last night we had as just us - we sat and chatted with each other, discussing the day’s events. We put nimbu-cheeni on each other’s hands, and my father helped us out with things we couldn’t touch yet for the fear of the mehendi getting smeared. I was reminded of how it has been just the 4 of us for all these years - people have come and gone, relatives, guests, friends. But the one thing that’s always been constant has been this - the assurance of these 4 people. It’s this rock solid foundation I can always depend on. This has been my family since the day I was born, and soon the family was about to expand. I relished in the feeling of being a kid & an elder sister - and nothing else. There was no other care in the world for me that day.

Tomorrow onwards things would get hectic, so I breathed in all the stillness and calm that is so tangible immediately after the house has been emptied of far too many visitors. The silence was comforting. I applied Vicks on my hands for the first time in my life to deepen the name of the boy whose life would be entwined with mine for the rest of eternity. And I slept like a baby that night.

Photographs by Tarun Chawla Photography

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