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What To Expect At Bridal Asia

25 Sep

Shopping Guide to Bridal Asia 2014 wedding exhibition delhi 2

This week, Delhi is about to witness a flurry of exhibitions. I know of SEVEN events (which I’ve added to the Delhi page of Events on the blog), the first of which is Celebrating Vivaha, that begins today.

While you can always Google and find out a (very) long list of exhibitors for most events, I wanted to write a quick note on the best of what you’ll find at Bridal Continue reading

Niki Mahajan Couture Show

20 Sep

There’s so much catching up to do! Life’s been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks, but don’t worry - I’ve been busy with all things wedding-related! You could call it “field work” :)

So many fashion shows have come and gone, and while I will talk about some more over the next few weeks, I’m starting off with a very recent one which caught my eye. The Niki Mahajan fashion show, which was SO right for the Indian bride in so many ways!

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of this particular designer before MissMalini spoke of attending her show. Once I saw a few pictures, I knew I had to share it with you. Some of them are too good to miss!

If I could describe the collection in two words, I’d say it was - very ornate. Very bridal! Continue reading


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