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Where to Buy Floral Jewellery in Delhi

10 Dec Where to buy floral jewellery in Delhi - floral jewelry for the bride on her Mehendi

Floral jewellery has been around for a couple of years. It has been many a brides’ go-to-accessory for the Mehendi ceremony, and I’ve been wondering lately what sparked the trend. Did brides want something unique to adorn themselves with, or was it a matter of finding a lower budget accessory?

Either way, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and considering how popular it is, it’s surprising how little is known about where to find it and whom to get it made from. Continue reading

Middle of June Wedding Updates - candid photo, meet & greet options, and honeymoon fighting!

17 Jun

What a waste of a weekend. I’ve been really sick since Friday night - “acute gastroentritis”, the doctor called it. All my plans of going shopping for lehenga options have been thrown into the bin. As they say, “man proposes, God disposes”. Wedding workout has also been nil last 10 days.

Well, since I have a family that’s working on wedding planning like a well-oiled machine, there are still some updates to give -

Charge slightly more than bare minimum, but you understand that candid photography means no flash? I want to hire you!

My mother has taken charge of photography from me, because I was feeling overloaded with office work + wedding stress. She does the ground work and all the planning, I give my inputs as and when required. She spoke to 2 photographers - one was charging slightly more than the other, but he also understood what candid photography meant. We’re still meeting both, but I’m already biased towards the one who got what candid means. I also definitely want a photobooth, whether it’s on the Sangeet or Wedding, I’m not sure (ok, who am I kidding - I am sure. I want it on wedding day!) Now, I don’t know if these studio waala photographers know what a photobooth is, and how to set it up. *Anyone know how to do a DIY photobooth at the wedding?* I can probably explain it to them, and then they can set it up. And no, I most definitely don’t want a background set up for family potraits. So much effort will go into the decor at the wedding, I want to use the existing backdrop for all family potraits.

B&G do the meet and greet on wedding day with guests queuing up to get on stage?

Typically, at an Indian wedding, there is a stage. B&G (bride & groom) sit on stage. Greet the guests with a formal namaste. Fake a nod when saying “of course I remember you, uncle-who-I-last-met-for-5-minutes-when-I-was-7!” Then give your 500th smile of the day for yet another picture you will definitely not be printing in your wedding album. Another round of namaste and thank you for coming. Buh-bye. Neeeext!

Ufff…! What’s the point? However, we have tried thinking of a few alternative scenarios, but nothing seems to be working out. One hilarious scenario even involed a walk-a-lator, where guests get to say no more than congrats and bye because 5 seconds later the walk-a-lator ends and they’re off the stage!

So maybe we will do the typical meet and greet on stage. But I won’t give up so easily.* Any different ideas you have come across during someone else’s wedding, or your own?*

Babe, don’t criticize honeymoon itinerary so much. I’ve put in a lot of effort. You’re getting too involved. I’m not asking for your opinion anymore.

Ok, ok. Maybe I was getting too involved and talking in a highly emotional state (read: screaming). But, I trust tripadvisor.com! So much so, that I ask ALL my questions there! And I believe everything I read there! And…! Well, I could say so much more, but what’s the point? I was wrong in the way I tried to get my point across, but the fiancé was also wrong in not being receptive enough. *My question to you is - did you, or do you, also fight with him when it comes to honeymoon planning?*

I’d really appreciate some help from fellow bride-to-be’s. Are you going through the same pain points?


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