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28 Outfits You Can Wear to an Indian Wedding (that are NOT anarkalis!)

16 Dec 28 Outfits you can wear to an Indian wedding - not anarkalis

A cousin called me up recently, and boy oh boy, was she annoyed. “What’s with these anarkalis, man? That’s all everyone wears all the time. They don’t even suit my body! Only slim and tall women can carry off anarkalis, but that’s all that seems to be available for the entire Indian population to wear. Aren’t there any other options?!”

Oops. Since I love anarkalis, that’s pretty much all I talk about here on the blog. And since I don’t see the “trend” fading away any time soon (or ever?) that’s all I stock up on. My wardrobe has only 3 things to wear to Indian weddings - a dozen anarkalis, handful of straight cut suits, and saris I wear thrice a year. Those lehengas? Yeah, well, I’ll re-use them when my waist size is back to 26. Which might be never…*gazes longingly into the distance remembering my pre-wedding body* *wipes tear off cheek*

3 years back, there weren’t a whole lot of other options available for the Indian girl. But cut to 2015, and the world is your oyster, baby. Capes, shararas, palazzos, crop tops, dhotis, cigarette pants, jackets, high-low kurtas, drapes - the silhouettes are endless! Continue reading

15 Reasons Why We LOVED Masaba Gupta’s OffBeat Wedding (She Was One Chiller Bride!)

24 Nov Mehendi - Bridal portrait - Masaba Gupta and Madhu Mantena wedding 2015

UPDATED!!! The wedding photography team, Stories by Joseph Radhik, decided to share EVEN MORE pictures from Masaba Gupta’s Wedding! We’ve added our favourite pictures AND more reasons to love the wedding!

Masaba Gupta was the coolest bride. Ever.

Need proof?

She wore THIS to her Engagement.

Officially in Bahurani mode now.chalo lets go get engaged đź’Ťđź‘Ż

A photo posted by Masaba (@masabagupta) on

YUP! Does it look like she gives two hoots about what you have to say about her Bridal Look?

That’s what made me fall in love with Masaba Gupta’s wedding.

She’s one of the hottest talents in the Indian fashion industry, yet her wedding wasn’t about to be another cliché big fat Indian wedding with a stressed out bridezilla driving everyone crazy.

Continue reading

TDB Loves: Shahpur Jat’s Abhinav Mishra & His New Collection

9 Sep Abhinav Mishra 2015 new collection at AZRA

I spotted a lehenga online last year, and it stopped me in my (digital) tracks. It was everything I always look for in a lehenga - light, pretty, and reasonably priced. And it was marked as an Abhinav Mishra design. Who is Abhinav Mishra? And why hadn’t I heard of him?

A quick Google check showed his store was located at Shahpur Jat. Interesting, I thought, that there are still stores in Shahpur Jat I don’t know about. I’ve kept track of his work for over a year now, and watched him produce outfit after outfit that I’ve loved. Consistently. I wasn’t surprised when Pernia’s Pop Up Shop introduced his designs to their online store in June this year. In fact, it gave me the confidence to start recommending him to brides. Getting listed on Pernia’s, after all, is a mark of approval on a designer’s quality.

Last Friday, I finally made my way into his Shahpur Jat store to look at the clothes in person, and see if it lives up to the hype that has had a whole year to build up in my head.

Continue reading

5 Modern Mehendi Outfits Under 25k

28 Jul

Mogra - Pink Paisley Lehenga 2 - Mehendi Outfits - Buy online under 25K

One of the most frequently asked questions by brides since the beginning of time has been -

“What should I wear on my Mehendi?”

You know you’re wearing a lehenga on your wedding (or a sari, depending on your heritage) and you will either opt for a gown or lehenga for your Sangeet (comfortable & practical). The Mehendi, though, is a whole different ball game. Salwar kurta or Anarkali? Corset with ethnic skirt? Midi skirt, or a maxi? Sleeveless or with sleeves? Dupatta, or no dupatta?

As if these weren’t enough questions, you have more - can’t I wear something more modern? I’m already going traditional on my Sangeet and Wedding. I want to look different, I want to be in something fresh, and young. Not the same old, same old. Oh, and I want it to be reasonable. Somewhere in the 15-25k range. And since I’ve already spent so much time visiting over 50 shops for my other 2 outfits, I just want to place an order online. From a trust-worthy store, of course. Hey Shinjini, know where I can find something like this?

Continue reading

Bride’s Guide to the New IndianRoots Sale

15 Nov

The sale is on till Monday - 17 November stocks last. Hurry, hurry!

You know how when you’re a bride to be, there’s just so much stuff to buy? Suddenly, you need suits you can wear for dinner parties, a pre-wedding party outfit last minute because you forgot to get one in the middle of all that lehenga shopping, an assortment of blouses, dupattas and sandals that are pretty, versatile, stylish - all rolled up in one? Oh wait, and you almost forgot this - a (not boring!) shawl or two to wrap your newlywed self in for winter weddings! SO much to buy, SO little time, and never enough pennies to buy it all.

Enter - the sale that will save you from all your trousseau shopping troubles.

IndianRoots 50% off sale


THE WHOLE WEBSITE IS 50% OFF! Continue reading

Trending: Phulkari

16 Mar

I generally avoid posts on what’s the latest style in wedding outfits because frankly, I’ve never been able to keep up with it and I’m usually pretty clueless about these things. The most I will do is post a few lines on my Facebook page about a new trend in wedding outfits I’ve seen lately, but that’s about it. But there’s always a first time, isn’t there?

I saw this image on the blog The Diary of a Mad Bride, and I *knew* I had to put it up here. It’s a jacket lehenga, where the jacket is full of phulkari work - from the latest collection by Manish Malhotra. In my opinion, when Manish Malhotra does something, suddenly *everyone* is doing it! So here goes, my two cents on what could potentially become a major trend in wedding outfits this year - phulkari!

At my own wedding, I saw phulkari used in outfits the guests wore:

As a dupatta (I LOVE this suit btw!)

As a dupatta (I LOVE this suit btw!)

As a shawl

As a shawl

Brides have been incorporating phulkari into their wedding outfits for smaller functions. Mehak of Peaches & Blush turned a phulkari dupatta into a corset to wear on her Mehendi.

Image Courtesy - Peaches & Blush

Image Courtesy - Peaches & Blush

While Prarthna, another bride, turned it into a red and yellow dress for her Mehendi (see left most image)!

Image Courtesy - WeddingSutra

Image Courtesy - WeddingSutra

Sim, another US-based bride, first sat under a phulkari chaddar during her Haldi ceremony, and once it was done she covered her head with it as a dupatta!

Image Courtesy: Asian Wedding Ideas

Image Courtesy: My Asian Wed

Image Courtesy: My Asian Wed

Image Courtesy: My Asian Wed

People also use phulkari dupattas as the “chaadar” under which a bride makes her entry on wedding day.

Image Courtesy: Marry Me Wedding Planners

Image Courtesy: Marry Me Wedding Planners

I had also considered doing that, as we had a beautiful dupatta at home that had been gifted to us by the mother of a Punjabi bride. But as you can see in the picture, the other side of the cloth is devoid of embroidery and color, so I chose not to use that as the chaadar.

I was introduced to phulkari work only last year, and have fallen in love with it since. It is beautiful, colourful and fits in perfectly with today’s need - people are more inclined towards bright colors, multiple colours on the same outfit, and emboridered work instead of blingy stone work. I suggest you definitely check out Manish Malhotra’s latest collection “Threads of Emotion”, and get some major wedding inspiration!

Would you consider wearing a phulkari work jacket lehenga on one of your wedding functions?

thedelhibells: Mehendi

6 Mar

The haldi was washed off, but the yellow hues remained. Night fell, the lights came on, and the smell of mehendi wafted through the decorated doors.

Presenting to you, the mehendi ceremony!


I was panic-striken after I saw my parents faces after the haldi ceremony. They had washed their faces, but you could still see yellow patches on their faces from where the haldi had been applied. I was afraid to come out looking half-yellow half-normal! I knew I would have to scrub well in the shower, and scrub I did! I may have taken a bit too long to get ready – by the time I came out, my sister had already knocked 10 times on my door asking me to get out already!

I didn’t have time to blow dry my hair, but I hadn’t intended to anyway. I knew my hair would get heated and curled and God-knows what-not over the next few days, so I gave it a break and just left it as is. Normally, it dries out frizzy, but I took the chance.

I entered the mehendi area awestruck. The lighting by the bay window was just as I had imagined. But I can’t take any credit for décor on any of the functions. It was all decided and organized by my talented mother and sister.

The full mehendi outfit, and the bay window area where I sat for mehendi

The full mehendi outfit, and the bay window area where I sat for mehendi

I took my place amongst pillows and cushions strewn around for comfort, and the mehendi began. There were 2 menehdi-walas sitting with me, and this is how the conversation went:

Mehendi-wala: Madam, kaisi mehendi chahiye? Dense, ya khuli khuli?

Me: Khuli khuli

Mehendi-wala: Any design preferences?

Me: Nahi, do whatever you want. Just make it pretty.

Mehendi-wala: Mehendi kahaan tak chahiye?

Me: Yahaan tak (pointing to a place on my arm 2 inches above my wrist) aur yahaan tak (pointing to a place 2 inches above my ankles)

*uproar all around*

Whaaat? You are the bride! Get mehendi atleast till your elbows. What about your legs? Why are you getting such little mehendi? You are the bride only once!

Ah, they went on and on. Well, as Mehak had so nicely put it on her blog a long time ago – once the mehendi dries, they’re just black squiggly lines. And I knew that the more spread out the mehendi is, the more skin shows from between those lines, and the contrast makes the mehendi prettier. That’s just my take on it.

Anyway, since I was the bride, and they were my hands and feet, I got to decide how much mehendi I wanted on them. All pleas blurred in the background, and the mehendi-wala got to work – got to give the bride what she wants!

I was very pleased with how the mehendi turned out. No, it was nothing fancy. But, it was just as I had imagined. And in retrospect, I can confidently say that I did not regret the “less” amount of mehendi I got done. I was just being me, and that’s what all brides should aim to be. If you want to go light on the mehendi, say it! And that’s what you’ll get. But if you’ve always dreamt of mehendi all over your arms and legs, by all means get that done! It’s your day. It’s your time. Do what ever it is that makes you a happy and satisfied bride. That’s all that everyone wants for you anyway.

Mehendi for blog5

Once the photographers and the last of the guests left for the night, it was just me, my sister and my parents. And that was the last night we had as just us - we sat and chatted with each other, discussing the day’s events. We put nimbu-cheeni on each other’s hands, and my father helped us out with things we couldn’t touch yet for the fear of the mehendi getting smeared. I was reminded of how it has been just the 4 of us for all these years - people have come and gone, relatives, guests, friends. But the one thing that’s always been constant has been this - the assurance of these 4 people. It’s this rock solid foundation I can always depend on. This has been my family since the day I was born, and soon the family was about to expand. I relished in the feeling of being a kid & an elder sister - and nothing else. There was no other care in the world for me that day.

Tomorrow onwards things would get hectic, so I breathed in all the stillness and calm that is so tangible immediately after the house has been emptied of far too many visitors. The silence was comforting. I applied Vicks on my hands for the first time in my life to deepen the name of the boy whose life would be entwined with mine for the rest of eternity. And I slept like a baby that night.


Photographs by Tarun Chawla Photography


You can read the whole thedelhibells series here:

  1. Prologue
  2. Mata Ki Chowki
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  10. Reception Preview
  11. Reception

A Month To My Wedding - Updates + thedelhibride Asks…Part 1

28 Sep

It’s that time of the month again – wedding update time! Bear with me though, I have a LOT of questions for brides to be because I need a LOT of help to wrap things up! I’ve split the post into two. Here’s part 1:

With a month to go, this is what I’ve been upto (a few might be repeats from past updates) –

Updates with thedelhibride Asks…

1. Sangeet outfit – DONE! Jewellery, still pending. I’m wear a kamar dhani for sure – any idea where I can pick up a pretty one – fake, not real?

2. Wedding outfit – ummm…still trying to figure out if I want to use one or two dupattas. Ladies, help please? Jewellery is done. And no, I’m not wearing a nath.

3. Mehendi outfit – partly done. Have bought a crushed skirt that’s mainly turquoise blue with a dash of grey and white print, but I still haven’t picked out a top to go with it. People are recommending a corset – maybe made of white brocade, but where do I get a reasonably priced one? Or do I want one made of a phulkari dupatta? I don’t want to spend much. For jewellery I’m just going to wear a pair of earrings that are special to me :) - they’re the first gift I ever got from the fiancé, and since they’re fairly ethnic looking they will match the skirt I’m going to wear. Edit: this is also done now, thanks to Swati who reminded me of Goldy’s Nest in GK1 - bought my whole mehendi outfit from there!

4. Heels for main functions – ok, I have no idea what footwear I will be sporting on ANY of these days! For wedding day, I care a lot about what my heels will look like. For Sangeet, the comfort matters way more than what they look like. Any shop recommendations based on comfort of shoes? I know that a lot of shops keep pretty shoes, but they need to have good cushioning as well!

5. Pre-bridal package – there is one at Affinity salon that includes pedi/mani, facial, wax, bleach, oil massage – the works. It costs INR 6500 and will apparently take 1 FULL day to do, or I can spread it over 2-3 days. Should I go for this? Btw, I had my first ever facial 2 weeks back – Casmara, on the recommendation of Mehak (from Peaches & Blush). Yes, I did love it! This will get included in the pre-bridal package.

Part two coming up shortly…


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