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thedelhibride Asks… should Matha Patti & Nath not be worn by wedding guests?

21 Dec thedelhibride Asks... Is it ok for guests to wear matha patti and nath to a wedding

thedelhibride asks when wedding guests wear bridal jewellery is it appropriate

Recently, someone asked me a question on Twitter -

“Is it appropriate for guests to wear a matha patti or a nath to a wedding?”

- @floralspice

I replied saying, “I don’t think so, unless it’s part of your culture. Although, a really small nath on the bride or groom’s closest family members seems alright. Or the matha patti on the bride/groom’s own sister or bhabhi. But she should hold back on other accessories then. Most “appropriate” jewellery on guests (over & above what is normally worn) would include maang tikka, haath phool, arm bands”

What do you think? I’ve seen more and more women wear jewellery that one would typically associate with the bride.

Do you think it’s appropriate for guests to wear bridal accessories?

More questions answered by thedelhibride Asks.

Featured image courtesy: Morvi Images (one of my favourite wedding photographers!)

UPDATE! I asked this question to my fellow bloggers and wedding industry peeps on Twitter, and on Instagram as well. Here’s what they had to say!

Roli (RGVLove & CrazyIndianWedding): If the guest is going to wear mattapati or nath, then keep everything else minimal. Don’t try to upstage the bride!

Tejasvini Chander (Makeup Artist): Matha patti- yes! Nath- no!

Dimpy Kapur (Delhi Style Blog): I think anything tasteful is appropriate, and yes, they can :)

Aditi (Marathi Weddings): Depends, because Maharashtrian Nath is usually worn by all in weddings. But a heavy Matha patti to someone else’s wedding is big NO for me!

Devika Narain Mathur (Wedding Designer): Guests should be allowed to wear whatever they please. I personally love a wedding where everyone is beautifully dressed.

Devina Malhotra (Guilty Bytes): I don’t think so! All of this is for the bride to adorn. The guests should stick to earrings & maang tikas, unless it’s a custom.

Shreya Kalra (For The Love Of Fashion & Other Things): I honestly think it’s okay so long as it is balancing out the rest of the look. Over the top jewellery just makes the guest look silly in the end.

Abhilasha (Looking Good Feeling Fab): The excess should be balanced out with a minimal look. You’ll find a mangtikka look here. Let me know what you think!

@aulakh_kitty: I don’t think so…it’s a bridal thing…

@rupalmalik: She can wear matha patti

@madhvik14: If they can pull it off, why not? As long as the rest of their jewelry is lighter.

@v3dantjain: Normally, it’s not advisable. But if they want to, then the rest of the outfit has to be very minimalistic.

@swatiladia: Not both definitely. Mathapatti with nothing in the neck.

@rim243: One or the other, but not both together.

@anishadawar: Mathapatti.

@urvashisalaria: Yes yes yes!

@parneetbhasin: Only matha patti.

Wow, that’s a lot of different opinions!

What do you think?

28 Outfits You Can Wear to an Indian Wedding (that are NOT anarkalis!)

16 Dec 28 Outfits you can wear to an Indian wedding - not anarkalis

A cousin called me up recently, and boy oh boy, was she annoyed. “What’s with these anarkalis, man? That’s all everyone wears all the time. They don’t even suit my body! Only slim and tall women can carry off anarkalis, but that’s all that seems to be available for the entire Indian population to wear. Aren’t there any other options?!”

Oops. Since I love anarkalis, that’s pretty much all I talk about here on the blog. And since I don’t see the “trend” fading away any time soon (or ever?) that’s all I stock up on. My wardrobe has only 3 things to wear to Indian weddings - a dozen anarkalis, handful of straight cut suits, and saris I wear thrice a year. Those lehengas? Yeah, well, I’ll re-use them when my waist size is back to 26. Which might be never…*gazes longingly into the distance remembering my pre-wedding body* *wipes tear off cheek*

3 years back, there weren’t a whole lot of other options available for the Indian girl. But cut to 2015, and the world is your oyster, baby. Capes, shararas, palazzos, crop tops, dhotis, cigarette pants, jackets, high-low kurtas, drapes - the silhouettes are endless! Continue reading

10 Celebrity Guest Outfits To Crush On From Masaba’s Wedding

25 Nov Candid shots - celebrity guests at Reception - Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, Arshad Warsi and Kangana Ranaut - Masaba Gupta and Madhu Mantena wedding 2015

Masaba Gupta got hitched this weekend (here’s the whole story), and a couple of her “slightly” famous friends were in attendance. Who? Oh, you know, just Shahid, Sonam, Alia, Kangana…no biggie, really.

Famous or not, some of the celebrity guests came very well-dressed, and gave us some major wedding fashion inspiration.

Want to see?  Continue reading

Make A Fashion Statement at the Next Wedding You Attend

1 Apr

Make a Fashion Statement at the next wedding you attend Masaba Gupta saris

I’ve been married for almost a year and a half now. And this is what happens every time I open my cupboard to choose a sari to wear to a wedding -

I browse through all the saris I own, and reject 90% of them because “it’s chamki” “too plain” “already worn it to the last 6 weddings” or “everyone’s going to be wearing this”.

Sometimes, when I’ve attended too many weddings in a row, I reject ALL the saris in my cupboard, because it gets seriously repetitive - the same style, the same embroidery, the same fabrics. Now I’m not the kind of person who likes to make serious fashion statements at a wedding, so I usually stick to very “typical” kind of saris. The most I do is Continue reading

thedelhibride Asks… Karva Chauth Ensemble

16 Oct

This will be my first Karva Chauth with the family (although technically the first one has already happened last year at my honeymoon in Australia). I’m not a Punjabi, so this is the first Karva Chauth of my LIFE! What I mean is, I’ve never even seen one. Except in the movies, of course. And I’m, obviously, totally lost about what to wear.

What do you wear on Karva Chauth?

I’ve heard newlyweds get really decked up on their first karva chauth, and many even wear their wedding lehenga. Should I? Or should I just wear a really heavy sari? I have one net sari with heavy kundan work that I wore to my cousin’s wedding 4 years ago (never wore it after that because it’s really heavy) - it’s actually the exact same sari Anushka Sharma wears in the final scene of Band Baaja Baraat (the movie) where Ranveer Singh’s character finally confesses his love to the girl. Or should I go classic and wear a silk sari (I have plenty lying unused from my trousseau), or wear one of the many anarkalis I own that are not so heavy?

I know, I know. Too many options na? That’s why I need a little bit of help! What did you wear/are planning to wear on your first Karva Chauth with the family? Your wedding lehenga? Or a heavy sari? SOS!!!

Edit: I finally wore my wedding lehenga! Pictures and full story here.


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