Anarkali for friend’s sister’s Mehendi

“This is my sister’s outfit! She bought fabric from Lajpat Nagar, and got it stitched from a tailor. All credit goes to her! She got it made to wear to one of the events at her best friend’s wedding.”

I spotted her from a mile away at this Mehendi function. The generous dose of pastel shades, and how all the different elements of the fabrics came together so beautifully, along with that pop of pink at the edges – made it pastel perfection. And see how light it is! Please excuse me as I go hunt down these exact fabrics all over Lajpat Nagar, and get a replica made.

  1. That’s a LOVELY outfit. I want to customise my trousseau and put all my ideas to reality. Having a hard time finding a great tailor. Please tell me your tailor/boutique as they clearly did a brilliant job.


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