DIY sari for friend’s wedding

19 Feb

Shreya Sen, Mumbai

Shreya Sen, Mumbai

“I had been looking for a peachy kind of sari to wear to a friend’s wedding. But I wasn’t able to find precisely what I had in mind - so I decided to make it on my own! I went looking for fabric, and found the exact colour I wanted at a store called Saroj on Nepeansea Road in Mumbai. But the wedding was just 4 days away, so I didn’t have time to get embroidery done on it. Luckily, I came across this glittery fabric at the same store and finalised on a half-and-half sari design. I just gave it to a tailor to stitch, and it came out quite lovely. The only downside was that I kept leaving trails of fairy dust glitter everywhere I went!”

Love the soft shades, and the styling is impeccable! That big maang tikka steals the limelight (it’s from Aquamarine in Mumbai), and that’s exactly how this should be done. Simple outfit + statement making accessory = style perfection.

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